Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amber's Visit!

So I uploaded over 20 pictures from when my sister's family came to visit and then the computer got turned off and it saved/published THREE! I'm going to laugh about this because if I don't I'm going to get really mad. Anyways, enjoy these three until I have time to do the rest.
Whitney LOVES her uncle Bill :)

Okay, four months later here are the rest: Grayson loves his Uncle Bill too!
We hiked in Red Rock:

We call them "double trouble"  :)
We went to a magic shop.
And saw the lions.
And went to the M&M factory.
They loved their souvenir pennies!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adventures in Chickdom

Pictures of the "big" chicks @ 5 weeks old:
Willamina. My favorite. Love her markings and her personality.

Sweet Pea. The leader.

Penguin. She's nice.

Baby is the small black one. All her pictures came out blurry except for this one. And the second one is an action shot of her dusting herself :)

Fluffy. She kinda gives the stank eye.

Whitney loves the chicks and the chicks aren't shy. It's hard to tell but in the second picture they've all jumped up on my leg to check the camera out.

Having chicks has been so much fun.
Some highlights:
One day Sweet Pea wouldn't go to my arm (I think it is most likely a boy) and Leah said, "I think he knows you'll probably eat him."

Grayson was looking at Penguin and then told me "I stared at his face and she stared at my face." That's true love right there ;)

I made them a make-shift pen to put them on the grass. I felt so bad keeping them in the bathroom all day. Well, the kids were out hanging with them and the sprinklers turned on! The chicks and Leah were drenched before I got them turned off, oops. Leah did towel dry them off though, because they are that spoiled :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Leah's Birthday!!

For Leah's birthday I wanted to keep it low-key. She invited 4 friends, they watched Despicable Me and ate Little Caesar's pizza. And she picked donuts instead of a cake so I didn't even have to bake anything. She said it was one of the funnest birthday's ever! I was thankful since it was the least amount of work possible haha. Anyways, we really do love Leah.
Like, a lot!

Back-dated blog posts:

This was our Leavitt family beach trip 2010! I'm finally blogging the pictures 9 months after the fact haha.

Christmas 2010 Only 5 months after!

See what happens...

when I finally do blog I get one comment on it, haha. Thank you Jocie! Love you girl :)