Thursday, May 3, 2012

Leah's Poem

The Sky
I want to see you every day.
Even when the clouds are gray.
Even when the skies are blue.
You love me and I love you.

-Leah said she was rhyming in the backyard and just came up with it.  I love it!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday's Whatever

Random conversations I want to remember:

Grayson got himself dressed.
Me: "Grayson your shorts are on backwards.  If you switch them around it will make it easier for you to put things in the pockets."
Grayson: "No, thanks."
He makes me laugh.  And for the record a few minutes later he tried to put a toy in his pocket and decided to turn them around.  See, I give good advice :)

We were all going downstairs to wrestle on the trampoline.
Grayson to me:  "I'm going to beat you like a piece of cake!"
LOL, I think he got two trash-talking sentences mixed up.

Davis tells Grayson he's wrong about something that's completely opinion based.
Me: "Davis, let him have his own opinion. Be nice."
Davis: "Then he will think he can have whatever he wants whenever he wants."
Me: "All he wants is your respect and you should give him that everyday. If we're disrespectful to each other it causes contention and fighting and it makes our family uncomfortable to be in."
Davis (after a long pause): "Whaaaaaaat?"  like the minion in Despicable Me
So much for my words making a difference haha.