Monday, April 19, 2010

This video is for the grandparents.

They (and me of course) are probably the only people who will appreciate the entire thing.
It's super looonnnggg but filled with Whitney's adorable belly laugh.

Here are some random things I want to remember forever:
The above video is what we did tonight instead of FHE, or rather as FHE. They did recite an article of faith, I'm counting it :) Anyways, Jeff was upstairs laying by Gray, trying to get him to sleep. When Jeff came down later he said Gray was singing himself to sleep.
What was he singing!? Justin Bieber haha.
"Baby, baby, baby oh....never, never, never be apart."
Love it!

I had a crazy dream the other night where a man was trying to pick the lock on our front door. Actually, he did get the lock open and I yelled for the kids to run out the back. Oh yeah, the intruder had a gun! It was pretty crazy. The next morning I told the kids a little bit about my dream and came up with a plan of what to do if a bad guy does break in while we're home. Then I asked Leah and Davis if they ever have dreams they can remember and Davis said he did. When I asked him what his dream was about he said "people falling in love" :) What a cutie!

Jeff's mom Cindy told my kids yesterday that she'd pay them $1 for every book they would read, or have me read to them, in the next month. Davis was all over this and today we read 10!
He's going to be rich :)

Warm Springs, NV

Camping with small kids is so fun and so tiring! We went with our ward to Warm Springs and the kids loved it! Jeff and I drove separate since he works until 6pm and the rest of us were too excited to get the party started! It was awesome because Davis was so excited to camp he was eager to help me pack up the van! I didn't have to do it all by myself, yay!!

After we got there Friday we set up the tent and then the kids were ready to swim! I still feel like we're new in the ward- even though we've lived here 8 months!- so I asked my new friend Sam (she'd introduced herself like 20 minutes before haha) to hold Whitney while I took the older kids swimming since I didn't think I could handle all four at once. Later that night when she was giving her back she gushed over what a great baby she is! Yes, she is lovely :)

Swimming Friday was an adventure. Grayson was being weird and pretended he didn't know how to swim, chocked on some water and clung to me like a scaredy cat. It was super annoying. Luckily he warmed up after a little while and was swimming around like his fearless self.

It was good we left before Jeff, he didn't get there until 8pm! There weren't any activities planned so we just chatted with people getting to know them while the kids ran around crazy. The kids were having SO MUCH FUN, even after Leah cut her finger and Greg Headlee accidentally assaulted Davis with a large stick. Okay, Grayson was a complete crankster but Jeff laid by him until he fell asleep in the tent pretty early. What a good dad :)

Sleeping 6 in 1 tent was pretty rough. I kept feeling like Whitney would get cold if I didn't snuggle her but when I would she'd want to nurse so I was up all night! And I thought it was cold but the kids didn't seem to mind at all.

They were more than excited for their Saturday morning swim!

Whitney was sooo tired Saturday and fell asleep in her towel. EVERYONE who walked past her stroller commented on her beauty. Love it!

I've been feeling like Davis gets no video love so here he is swimming, well his version of swimming anyways :)

and Leah too:

We left Saturday around 1pm and it was a super busy afternoon, even though I was exhausted. Leah went to Anna's birthday party, Jeff and Davis drove to St. George and perused Doc's Book Loft and then Jeff took Leah to the Sandstone Stake's play performance. I was dead on my feet. I swear Friday night I didn't sleep a wink! It was crazy.

Davis' Party

Davis had an outer-space party. We know so many kids who have birthdays right around Davis' that sometimes it's hard to find a day there isn't already a party planned. Anyways, it was fun :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


-Eva Cassidy

Here is our little Leah singing so cutely:

"I thought you'd always be mine"

-"Baby" by Justin Bieber

Oh, the teeny bopper phase is upon us. Leah came home from school and asked if we could watch Justin Bieber on the computer. This is the first time she's ever asked this kind of thing!

Apparently this is what happened at school: *imagine Leah saying this very fast and teeny-bopperish* "Heaven brought a picture of Justin Bieber and Jaylin saw it and fainted. And anytime Heaven would show Jaylin she'd faint. She kept fainting over and over, it was so funny."

We watched a few of his videos on youtube and I kept talking about our strict no dating until you're 16 rule. LOL This video is our favorite:

I think he's adorable :) And over the weekend I tried to get Davis to roll his sleeves for some pictures and he CRIED saying it was babyish. When I saw this today I was like, "see Justin Bieber rolls up his sleeves" haha. Of course my kids have been singing the chorus and doing the "arm thing" (that he does around the 2 minute mark) all day.

Did you notice at forty seconds in he reaches for the girl and pulls on her jacket? Well, I told Leah that if a boy does that to tell him "hands to yourself!" and if he calls you Baby (like Justin does in the chorus 100 times!) you tell him "my name is Leah". Man eating training starts now ;)

"If you want more love, why don't you say so?"

-"Heartbreak Warfare" by John Mayer

My mom brought it to my attention that I haven't been blogging much. Her mother's actual words were, "Did you just give up on blogging and Facebook?" but I got the point. There are quite a few factors but the biggest one is computer time. We only have one computer now and the kids are obsessed with computer games and I have so many other projects going on that I let them play them too much and Jeff doesn't have any internet access at work so he wants/needs to be on the computer a lot more once he gets home and when I am on I'm paying bills or checking other people's blogs or checking my e-mail and is this the longest run-on sentence ever yet?

I also noticed I haven't been taking very many pictures either which IS an absolute travesty! What kind of mother am I!? I think it's because my house is in chaos. There are so many decorating projects that I need to do but it seems other things keep getting in the way of the finances. Like me going to the dentist and needing TWO root canals!! My whole bill was in the thousands!! I was pretty bummed. But that is just life. I WILL get around to blogging about Davis' birthday and Easter it'll just be awhile. And if anyone feels the need to ask about my non-blogging just be kind. Encourage, don't judge. End of sermon.