Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!!

Leah was so excited for the first day of school! She's in half-day kindergarten so it's really not that big of a deal I guess. I think accessorizing her outfit was her favorite part. She wore a necklace, a ring and a bracelet! When I picked her up she said she already made a friend but had forgotten her name :) And then when I asked her what they talked about in class she said, "You know I'm really good at forgetting." LOL. Well at least her coloring page is super cute!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Sun is in the sky oh why oh why would I want to be anywhere else?"

~ "LDN" by Lily Allen

Aug 16, 2008- The first time a child of mine needed stitches...

And it was Grayson!!! A few hours after we got to the Mexico beach house he fell down a few stairs onto the hard marble floor and busted his lip all the way through! He was quite a trooper and after 4 hours in the ER he ended up with only two stitches and a FAT lip. Jeff was okay with everything though because apparently scars are manly and chicks dig 'em :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

"Enough is as good as a feast."

~Mary Poppins

Good News: I was able to take a cute picture of Davis for the "Welcome to School" board at preschool.
Bad News: In turn Davis wanted to take a picture of me and Leah... um yeah, his skills are lacking :)

<- Cute picture

Not cute picture ->

Good News:
Leah's picture taking skills are top notch :)
Bad News: She wants to take pictures of me.

Good News:
We leave tomorrow for our Mexico Beach Vacation!
Bad News: Oh the packing!! My children would prefer to be naked all day anyway, they just might get their wish :)

Good News: I read a cute little book called Finding Noel and I would recommend it to anyone. It was a really touching story about how life is hard and your parents make mistakes but forgiveness frees you. It's a love story too :) My friend Melissa recommended it to me and even let me borrow her copy (she made sure to tell me she needed it back).
Bad News: Grayson scribbled in the book with a purple marker!! That kid.

Several Cute Quotes from the book:
  • "I've wondered why it is that some people come through difficult times bitter and broken while other emerge stronger and more empathetic? I've read that the same breeze that extinguishes some flames just fans others."
  • "Usually life's greatest gifts come wrapped in adversity"
  • "It is a great human need to be periodically reborn."
  • "I've come to know that our families are a canvas on which we paint our greatest hopes- imperfect and sloppy, for we are all amateurs at life, but if we do not focus too much on our mistakes, a miraculous picture emerges. And we learn that it's not the beauty of the image that warrants our gratitude- it's the chance to paint."
Good News: I went to Lowe's and bought a shelf that will help me organize my kid's toys in their closet. Being organized is always good.
Bad News: While in the store Davis sat down on the floor and refused to walk because he was "too tired". So I had to carry him... while dragging the shelf... people laughed, but nobody helped.

Good News: In Lowe's Leah was being a gem by playing with Grayson and carrying him when necessary. We were able to make it to the van without further incidence and when I told Leah she's such a great helper she said, "I'm just trying my best". How cute is that!?!
Bad News: When we got in the van to go home she said, "Man, it's freakin' hot". Who taught her that awful language!?! Oh yeah, it was me. Dang.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Still so young and desperate for attention"

~"The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage" by Panic at the Disco

Well, I'm officially 27 years old!! My birthday was on Monday (thanks to all those who remembered me on my special day :) and it was great! I really needed a vacation so I took the whole weekend off. It worked out perfectly since Breaking Dawn came out and I'd wanted to spend the whole day reading it anyways :) So here's a rundown of my relaxing weekend adventure:
-Friday night I went to Sushi Mon with Jeff, yum yum.
- Checked into my hotel and then headed over to Barnes & Nobel to buy BD at midnight.
- I bought my book and was back at my hotel by 12:30am. I couldn't not read so I read for a little while :)
- Slept.
- Saturday morning I woke up and read some more :)
- Went to lunch with Jenny at Yassou's Greek Grill, my fav.
- Went back to the hotel and read some more.
- Went to Rachel's surprise birthday party!
- Back at my hotel Jeff came and gave me a back massage.
- Read the last few chapters and felt satisfied.
- Slept all night with no interruptions :)
- Sunday morning I got ready for church and met Jeff who already had the kids in the van :)

Sometimes you just "need a breather from the flavors of entanglement". Thanks Alanis for the inspiration :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

"Still, it seems funny sticky like honey"

I decided to name the song and artist when I use lyrics as song titles. Therefore avoiding any plagiarism lawsuits ;)
~ "Mind Reader" by Silverchair

- Davis is a sillyhead. A few nights ago he insisted on taking the sheets off his bed and sleeping on the bare mattress, which is bizarre in it's own right but kinda gross when you realize he's in a toddler bed and the mattress is plastic. Originally I thought he'd get sweaty and uncomfortable and ask for it back but that kids' crazy and says he likes it. So if you come over and Davis is sleeping on a hard plastic mattress don't judge me, he's likes it like that :)

- I really don't like pillows. I'm not the kind of person who enjoys decorative pillows in any way and actually they drive me crazy. I did try to force myself to like decorative pillows by buying some for the couch to match a new paint color but I've hated them ever since day one. The only reason we still have them around is whenever I've tried to get rid of them the kids throw a fit! They use these pillows to built their "beaver houses" by going into the office, shutting the door and then putting all the pillows up against the door so you can't open it. And they also use them to make "jumping places" where they pile them up at the foot of a chair or up against the couch or something and jump onto them. So if you come over and there are decorative pillows strewn across the floor just know they drive me crazy too :)