Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"We in that Sunshine State"

- "California Love" by Tupac & Dr. Dre

Of course we spent Saturday at the beach with Tyson's family.

Leah spent most of her time off by herself collecting sea shells and exploring. She even found this tiny anemone on a piece of kelp. We put in in a bucket of water and had great fun watching it open and close.

A conversation between parents:
Me: "Ha ha, notice how Leah's always off by herself exploring?"
Jeff: "Yeah. She's a scientist, they're not social creatures."
Me: "True, very true."
And scene.

"It's all good, from Diego to tha Bay"

- "California Love" by Tupac & Dr. Dre

A few days after the kids and I got home from Salt Lake we headed off on a California vacation. I already had reason to be in Santa Monica on Thursday so we decided to make it the family summer vacation. With my due date being the first week of August I figured we wouldn't do much traveling this summer and bending at the waist is only going to get more difficult for me :)

Friday we went to Sea World with Bobbi and Alivia who live in San Diego and have season passes!
Leah loves Sea World!
The kids were pretty excited to touch the cool sturgens and bat rays.
The Tide Pool was the awesomest thing ever! The kids touched sea stars, an anemone and a sea urchin.
Leah pretty much wanted to live at the tide pool.
Riding the sea star cups at The Bay of Play.

"More to find than can ever be found"

- "Circle of Life" by Elton John

The next day we took the kids to The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. This museum was super awesome. The pictures I took don't do it justice.

They had a lot of areas that were hands on. Here they're playing in the flood area where the sand has water running through it.
There was also an area with toy dinosaurs, books about dinosaurs and dinosaur dress-up clothes. There was also a sandy area where you could uncover buried bones with a brush. There were also several computer stations that had kid-friendly programs. The kids had a blast!
At the end of the day we went and saw their 3-D film about dinosaurs. Grayson was scared the whole time and made sure I had my arms wrapped tightly around him. But he would not take his glasses off! I kept suggesting it so maybe it would be less scary, but he insisted on wearing them! I think he was the only kids who wore them the entire time. As Jeff would say, "what a stud." :)

"There's far too much to take in here"

-"Circle of Life" by Elton John

Amber and I took the kids to the Hogle Zoo. I personally LOVE zoos, so it was a great day.

Cousin love.
Checking out the mountain lion.
Grayson loves giraffes!
... and tortoises!

"There's more to see than can ever be seen"

-"Circle of Life" by Elton John

Amber and I wanted to get our kids together since they hadn't seen each other since Christmas but neither of us were willing to drive the 12 hours to the other's house. So we met in Salt Lake. It's pretty much in the middle.

Right before we got to our hotel Davis complained about having something in his eye. I thought it might be a part of a snack, or some salt off his hands, so I dripped water in it and called it good. He said it felt better but THIS is what it looked like in the morning!!
He called it his broken eye!

And during the first night Grayson slept on the bed with me. He's a pretty restless sleeper and sometime in the middle of the night HE FELL OFF!!


The most of the other nights the kids slept on floor like this:
I think we were at maximum capacity!

The first day in there we took the kids bowling. We didn't get there until after lunch time and I don't have any pictures of it because it was a circus! All the kids took a nap after we were done!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Life is wonderful"

- Jason Mraz

Grayson turned 2!!

And how do Jeff and I choose to celebrate!? We leave him at home with Meema and go to a Jason Mraz & Dave Mathews Band concert.

Where's my mother of the year trophy!? Ha ha.

But the next day Papa Bryan came into town and we all went to the Mini Grand Prix. Grayson had a fun time playing the arcade games and the big kids rode the kiddie race cars. It was super cute watching them drive in a circle :) All the other kids kept passing Leah and she got really mad at us for telling her to go faster! It was pretty funny :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Take my hand and come with me"

- "Are You Gonna be my Girl?" by Jet

Yesterday I was able to go with Leah to her school for their Muffins for Mom's activity! I had to juggle babysitters for the boys but it was worth it!
We happily ate our muffins..okay, it was half a muffin each and I was still hungry afterward. I guess people don't support their PTA like they used to! I wouldn't know, I haven't been to any of the meetings.

Then we headed outside to the playground.

Where Leah showed me her monkey bar prowess :)
The last part of the activity was going to their class and observing for about half an hour. I was surprised how few moms there were, only about 6 including me!

Leah's teacher read them a cute story and then asked the kids to draw a picture of something they do to help. Leah's says "I read Grayson 2 books" which is something she does A LOT!
For some reason she decided to draw her reading him books at her Grandma Cindy's house. Her representation of Cindy's house is pretty spot on! Then she drew Cindy and I (there on the left) in matching dresses, LOL.

And just so you know we don't have matching dresses, but I wouldn't be opposed to it ;)