Friday, July 31, 2009

38 weeks, 6 days

Why am I not in labor!? I have plenty of pain to constitute labor! But alas, I'm still at home.

I saw Dr. Groom on Wednesday and I'm dilated to 3 cm & 70% effaced. He said my cervix felt very stretchy and he'd be surprised if I lasted another week, ha ha. He said that when I was 37 weeks with Grayson and I lasted 2 more weeks! And then couldn't take the pain anymore and went in for an induction. Whatever. I really just want to go into labor on my own, for once! Dr. Groom said I could call anytime if I change my mind. And when he says anytime he means it, I have his HOME number :)

I feel really bad for my kids too, I'm a grumpy mama! It's hard not to get frustrated when you endure the pain of getting up to meet their needs and it's something they could easily have done themselves. Grrr, and Grayson always wants to be picked up and carried around. It's too scorching hot to do anything outside either. So we just stay inside and drive each other crazy all day. Okay, it's not that bad... I'm just grumpy.

Oh yeah, another thing that's adding to the grumpiness is the fact that we were supposed to have a date to sign for our new house TWO WEEKS ago and we still don't have one!!!!! And after we sign we have to wait for it to record before we get the keys. This is the longest escrow ever! The bank who's funding our loan is taking their sweet time! Jerks.

So I feel like my To Do list is long but most of it is suspended until we get the keys, and in the meantime I can't move without wanting to cry. Lovely, isn't it?

Today would be a good day to have a baby :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

37 weeks, 2 days

I had my check-up today. Everything's the same. BORING. He said my cervix was a little more effaced but I was still at 2cm. All those contractions for nothing! But that's okay, Dr. Groom's going out of town from July 22nd - July 28th! Since I was still a two, and given my previous history of taking FOREVER to dilate on my own, I promised him I'd take it easy and not have my baby while he was out of town :)

In more exciting news Grayson has taken up a love of Leah's tap shoes, LOL. It's soooo cute. Well, you don't have to take my word for it:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

36 weeks & 3 days

Dr. Groom officially "released" me from bed rest at my appt yesterday!  He also told me to not take the anti-contraction medication anymore and we'll just see what happens.  I'm pretty relieved to be far enough along that I'm allowed to have my baby, but whoa did I forget how uncomfortable this part of pregnancy is.  Yesterday I was having so many contractions, and a lot of pressure "down there" if you know what I mean ;), that I could've been in labor.  But my cervix is notorious for dilating frustratingly slow so there's no need to go in and be checked.  I'll just be very interested to see if I've progressed at all by Monday when my next check-up is.

Today was a little better, not so many contractions.  I mainly just worked on a project on my laptop though so that could have made a difference.  With all these aches and pains I'm having I'm sure my baby's big enough to be born!  I went full term with Grayson and he weighed 9lbs!  I ended up being choosing to be induced with him, even though I was having lots of contractions for weeks and dilated to 4cm, because I couldn't stand the discomfort anymore.  I'll be so happy to be able to bend at the waist again without pain!  

Another reason why I should give birth soon: Today Davis was checking the world out with his magnifying glass.  He looked at me through it and said, "Mom, you look different." I asked him if I looked big or little and he said, "big".  So then I asked him if my belly looks big or little and he said, "it looks HUGE!" ha ha.  Now if he tells me that after the baby's born we'll have to have a little talk about manners :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

36 weeks!

I know my baby girl is big and strong because when she kicks it hurts!  

I'm doing good pregnancy wise.  I took a dandelion root supplement and my PUPP rash went away!  Cool huh!?  I told my doctor and he said he's not trained in herbs but I could take whatever I wanted, and he's glad it went away (FYI: herbs aren't FDA approved so he can't recommend them to his patients).  That rash was pretty miserable for a week.  I even shed tears over it I was so miserable.  I had to take Benadryl at night to make me drowsy enough to sleep or it would keep me up at night!  Well, after 2 days on the dandelion root it wasn't so bad and I could sleep without the Benadryl.  After a week the bumps and raised hive-like appearance had gone but I still had REALLY splotchy skin and it still itched really bad at times.  Today, it's been nearly two weeks, and it's almost gone completely.  Even the itch is mostly gone :)  Yeah for herbs :)  Maybe if I give some to my kids their eczema will go away... a girl can dream can't she ;)

 I love Dr. Groom, he has such a calming personality, he choose the right profession.  I do feel a little bad for him, he's surrounded by major estrogen ALL DAY at work and then he goes home to his 5 DAUGHTERS (no sons).  That man will have a special place in heaven I'm sure :)

I find out on Monday when I officially get off bed rest, yay!  I have been doing A LOT more this past week than I had previously.  I'm trying my hardest to not drive Jeff crazy.  He's not the kind of husband who "babies" their wife, even when they're on bed rest.  Like, he's never once told me to get back in bed when I'm up helping :)  He's done soooo much I can just tell he's tired of having to do it all.

I haven't had too many contractions recently, so that's good.  I have (and have always had) them when I get up, most of the time when I bend over too much, when I lay flat on my back too long, etc.  Jeff's mom saw me "doing more" on Wednesday and said she thinks I'm better.  Wait, I wasn't ever sick, I'm on bed rest.

The kids have been says some super funny things... but I keep forgetting them all!  Here's one conversation from this morning I remember:
Jeff (to Davis):  Aren't you going to have so much fun teaching the new baby things?
Davis: Yeah.
Jeff: You can teach her how to hold her bottle, show her how to crawl...
Davis: Yeah, and teach her how to fight!
*I laugh in the background.
Davis (looking at me): The bad guys, just fight the bad guys.
I continue to laugh because he's just such a boy!  But I'm sure his little sister will LOVE to learn to fight the bad guys so she can be just like him :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finally, some cute pics of our cute family!

*courtesy of Janae
Davis swimming in his controversial floaties:
Grayson loves the rope swing.
*I love that look on his face*
Leah gettin' in on the action:
I don't even know how to explain this picture...expect to say when he comes up out of the water he says, "do it again" :)
Lookin' handsome in his lion towel:
Even though Davis has his eyes closed this picture is still adorable:
Watchin' the fireworks... why am I the only one with food?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

35 weeks & 1 day

It's bed rest day one bazillion, ha ha.  I'll be excited when it's over!

Yesterday I left my house and it wasn't to go to a doctor's appt!  I felt like such a criminal :)  Our whole family went over to Jeff's Aunt Janae's & Uncle Keith's house.  It was quite the Independence Day party!  Of course I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures but Janae probably took 100 or so (I'm not kidding). I'll just have to steal some off her blog when she post's them :)
Most memorable things that happened:
- Uncle Wade teased Eden and made her cry... then he tried to make me cry... but when he talks all I hear is "blah blah blah blah me me me" :P
- When I told Aunt Caroline I'm turning 28 in August she cracked up laughing because she though I was lying!  Apparently I look much older, ha ha.
- The food was great.  Soooo many deserts to choose from.  A couple different people were thoughtful enough to get me anything I wanted so I didn't have to get up.  It was very heart-warming.
- The teenagers in charge of lighting the fireworks almost scorched half-a-dozen cars when the initial comet from the illegal arial went blazing down the street instead of up.  **I then had flashbacks to a few years ago when Uncle Keith stuck an illegal bottle rocket into the grass to light it.  Only to have it not shoot up into the air for us to "ohhh" and "ahhh" over, but explode right there on the lawn and send the ENTIRE family running for their lives! 

Good times.