Wednesday, November 23, 2011

D's Soccer Season

This season was good.  Davis actually scored a goal!  I was soooo excited for him.  It was great.  The players still just run around in a herd but it's mostly fun to watch :)

During the practice and the games Leah would hang out with the other player's sisters that are around her age. It was cute. They both play soccer too but Leah has no interest. I wish she would play but oh well.

First pictures from the new camera.

I know I'm biased but those are some cute kids!
 P.S. Grayson's shirt is size 18months! He INSISTED on wearing it.

Wednesday's Whatever

  • Whitney asked Jeff if she could have $100!  And then she politely added, "I'll pay you back."  Where does she hear this stuff!?
  • Whitney also says, "What the?"  and "What the heck?" quite often.  I know where she heard that haha.
  • I finally figured out how to get the pictures off my new camera's SD card so be prepared to be inundated with pictures (and back-dated posts).
  • Christmas is coming!  I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving by my kids haven't thought 1 iota about it since they spend every day circling toys they want in the Christmas ads.  It's annoying.  They're so greedy.
  • Davis LOVES to tell me everything Grayson does wrong.  Here's a conversation from one day:
    • Davis:  Grayson unbuckled his seatbelt!
    • Me: You sound so excited to tell me he's doing something wrong.  That's called tattling.  Let's be excited when he is doing something right.  And he only unbuckled the top of his seat belt to get something.  He wasn't really breaking the rules.  (Since we were parked waiting for Leah to get done with choir)
    • Davis:  Well, if he unbuckles the bottom buckle, THEN can I tattle!? 
  • When Leah got done with choir we were parked in the part of the parking lot that had a light out (I hadn't noticed) but when Leah walked up she said, "We came over to the dark side...of the force."  Love her.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween, part 1

I'm not a big fan of this holiday. I'm pretty sure my blog post last year said that same thing but I still haven't found a love for it! So every year I try and keep the costumes low key. This year Davis is Spiderman, Grayson is Ben 10, Whitney is an ice cream sundae (or a cupcake, you can't really tell haha) and Leah is a black cat. Even in their simple costumes the kids had fun and that's all that matters :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Not tonight honey, I'm on the RAGnar."

-The title of this post was one of the team names.  Sooo funny!

- Our van was full of awesome people who are in way better shape than me!

- When I run I have a lot of internal dialogue.  I say things to myself like:
Just run for this song then you can walk.
I hate running, I'm just here to hang out with friends.
Pretend like you didn't notice that the lady who just passed you was old enough to be your grandma.

-During our first leg we were sooo chatty and everyone was laughing non-stop.  By the third leg we were happy to be alive ;)

-Note to self: during the next race do NOT eat at the Cheesecake factory. The food tastes so good you will eat too much!

-Total distances: Autumn 13.1 miles, Jeff 15.5 miles.

Favorite memories:
Jeff not letting a lady beat him to the exchange.  She REALLY tried to steal his thunder but he wouldn't let her!
Jeff calling Spencer a billy goat because he smiles while he runs uphill.
Ben calling Spencer Stuart because he thought that was his name.
The crazy zombie team running their first leg in full make-up. 
My entire team being so supportive.  A great bunch of people who never made anyone feel like they weren't running fast enough.
Kelli's motto, that I soon adopted, was "If I have to walk it I have to walk it."
I missed the photo op in front of the Ragnar vehicle because I was getting my food.  The picture shows Jeff looking over his shoulder for me and Spencer calling for me on the megaphone.  LOVE IT!

Favorite things said:
Brandon: "Man that's a small window." Because he did actually climb out the window to talk to Kelly without getting a violation.
Aileen: "I love the smell of jerky in the morning."
Jeff: "We are very supportive.  We're great athletic supporters."
Brandon: "It's a gradual 700ft climb over two miles." *giving a look*
Me to Jeff:  "If you get out of the van technically it's a violation."
Jeff: "Violate me."
Brandon to me: "If you have to jog it you have to jog it."  Through the megaphone.  It's good advice but I felt like I was running full speed haha.
Brandon to all the people in line for a porta-potty at 6 am, through the megaphone: "To all the people in the porta-potties keep it short.  Like under 3 minutes, or you will get violated, and you do NOT want to get violated in a porta-potty!"