Saturday, January 31, 2009

"I'm your average everyday sane psycho"

-"Extraordinary" by Liz Phair

Some days I think I should be committed ... or one of my children should be :) Listen to this craziness: When Jeff came home Monday night Davis asked if we could go get ice cream for FHE. I thought we were being super nice parents by saying that we could go get ice cream at McDonald's (because sundaes are only $1) and we agreed to let them play for a few minutes in the playplace too.

side note: I really dislike McDonald's, so this is me being SUPER nice telling them we can go. And then while we were there they rubbed me the wrong way so we won't going back anytime soon. 1st straw: they charged me $1 for a water cup! last straw: the sign for the play place says parents CAN go inside but when Jeff was in there with Grayson the manager came out and very flippantly motioned for Jeff to get out. He politely said that the sign says adults too and she just laughed and told him in a heavy accent "Too big." Manners people!

Well, the kids seemed to be having a good time, we let them play for awhile and then it was time to go. Nobody complained about leaving but when we got in the van Davis started whining "I didn't want to go there for ice cream! I didn't want this kind! I wanted sherbert!" What!?! Crazy kid! And Davis, for future reference, it's hard to be convincing when you've already eaten the ice cream you supposedly dispise :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Meema!

We love you and hope you had fun on your special day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"I will remember you"

-Sarah McLachlin

Grammy Leavitt passed away last week, she was 81 years old. The funeral was last Saturday and it was beautiful. Her posterity is just so talented there were 4 musical numbers! It was a pleasure knowing her and my children are so happy to know that we'll see her again someday. She was a huge fan of the UNLV Rebels and I think it's very fitting the Women's locker room there will be renamed in her honor.

On Sunday the family gathered at Grammy's house and my kids were able to take home some of the interesting toys Grammy was known for having. This is the conversation that I had with Davis later that day:
Davis: Grammy will never come home again huh Mom?
Me: Well Davis, she kinda did go home because before we came here we lived with Heavenly Father.
Davis (very enthusiasticly obviously remembering something he learned in primary): Yeah, we lived with Jesus before we were born.
Me: And now Grammy's living with Jesus. We'll live with Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Grammy when we die.
Davis: Yeah, and then Grammy can play with us.
I LOVE that he wants to play with her again and he knows he will someday!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Love remains the same..."

-Gavin Rossdale

Last week Davis told his gymnastics teacher,
"My Mommy has a new baby in her belly."
Why would he say that? Well, because it's true!

And I say surprise because it was a surprise to us too. All of our other children have been planned pregnancies and to say that this was completely unexpected is an understatement. We're intelligent adults, we understand contraception, but I guess sometimes we don't get to choose :)

Also, one of the main reasons I'm letting you know it was a surprise is so when you see me and I look all haggard and Leah's hair isn't brushed and Grayson is still in his pajamas (which is exactly what we looked like when I had to take them with me to my visiting teaching appts last week!) you don't think, "and she thought she should have another one!" Okay, I know most people aren't that judgmental but seriously I already "have my hands full" as most people like to tell me :)

This is going to be a long post so I won't be offended if you don't read past here :)
Okay, I don't want to sound like a whiner but all the reasons why I wanted to wait to get pregnant are still true. Grayson's pregnancy was so hard and exhausting. It's so hard being pregnant and taking care of a toddler, especially for me and my aching back. Actually, that's one of the ways I knew I was pregnant my back hurt so bad! There are some days where by bedtime I can barely walk. It's not good considering my whole life involves bending and picking kids up. Also, as with Grayson's pregnancy, I have a subchorionic bleed so I have to keep going back to get ultrasounds to make sure it's not getting worse and the baby's still getting nourishment and growing. Worst case scenario is that it gets so big it causes the placenta to detach and that would cause a miscarriage. They're just monitoring it for now but it can be grounds for bed rest! I don't really know but I suspect this is why I'm just so tired too. Well, honestly I was tired before I got pregnant but now I feel like I have to have a nap. I'm so worried that overdoing anything will compromise the pregnancy it's hard to know where to draw the line. Oh my goodness I'm only 10 weeks, I still have a LONG way to go.

On a more positive note :) I'm going to have a baby! I love babies! And I think I'm more concerned about what the pregnancy will be like than actually having four kids. Is that weird? And now we're going to move into a bigger house, for reals this time :) We looked at houses last year this time but it just didn't feel right, but now I'm all for it! And the prices have dropped even since then so that's good. And we have a Cafe Rio here in town so I can actually satisfy that craving :) And the older kids are WAY excited, so much more than I expected them to be! It's kinda refreshing to see their excitement! And Jeff is being way understanding about my exhaustion and constant need for back massaging. Thank you Jeff, muah!

Funny things the kids have said since finding out I "have a baby in my belly":
- We told the kids over Christmas break and they were excited but later in the day Davis came over and said, "You're not kidding right!?" Maybe that's a sign that we tease too much :)
- Jeff had made eggs & bacon for breakfast and Leah told me, "You should feed the baby some bacon, it's good". She's so sweet already taking care of the new baby :)
- Davis told his gymnastics teacher, "My mom has a new baby in her belly." And the teacher teased, "Well, she should stop doing that." When we got in the van Davis asked, "Mom, why did she say that?" I tried to explain that she was just teasing because we have a lot of kids but he didn't think it was funny. He like the fact that I'm having a new baby!
- After I had my first ultrasound I was showing the kids the picture. Pointing to the head and the arms and Leah said, "And...what else?" She thought they could tell if the baby was a boy or girl already and she wanted to know NOW :)
- At Leah's birthday party Davis told me, "Mom your belly's already getting big. Is the baby going to come out soon?" Just wait Davis, you have no idea how big this belly's going to be :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"This is the story of a girl"

-Nine Days

This is a story about a little girl named Leah who turned 6 years old! She had her super fun party with "Butterflies and Bugs" just like she told her Mommy she wanted. She doesn't like to leave anyone out so she invited ALL her friends, 20 in all!

She and all her friends played a bug Memory game her Mom made.

Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and ate delicious cupcakes with rainbow jello.

And everyone brought wonderful presents!!
It was a "most special day" and she kept thanking her Mommy with hugs and kisses until bedtime!

The end.

Monday, January 5, 2009

"This Christmas"

- As sung by Ruben Studdard :)

Christmas time train ride. Meema bought the kids personalized conductor hats and handkerchiefs!

My brother's family.
My sisters family.
Their kids refused the conductor hats, they're cowboys :)

Next we went to the Palatki Ruins. The kids had a fun time hiking and exploring the cave dwellings!

One evening some of our group went to a fish pond and caught dinner! Good job guys!

Christmas eve Meema and Papa read stories to the kids:

And we acted out the nativity. In this picture Leah, who's Mary, is trying to hold onto Sterling, who's baby Jesus. He was completely unhappy with his casting and kept saying the whole time "I'm not baby Jesus!". Ha ha.

It's okay though, they made up later when Leah shared her new lipgloss :) After Sterling's lips were all sparkly his brother Cash announced "Sterling's pretty!" Ah, that's what brother's are for :)

Christmas morning was crazy with all those kids!

Everyone got new PJ's!!!

Thank you Meema and Papa for providing such a wonderful place to celebrate! We had a fabulous Christmas!