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Monday, March 15, 2010

I know a girl...

Her name is Lindsey Leavitt.
She isn't directly related to "my" Leavitt clan but grew up on two houses down
from my hubby and is super nice.
Okay, I've met her once, maybe twice but she was nice.
Anyways, she published a book called Princess for Hire! And it comes out TOMORROW!
So I think you all should buy it
and if you live in Las Vegas she's going to be signing books at Canyon Gate Country Club tomorrow evening starting at 6pm.
Leah and I are for sure going!

Monday, March 8, 2010

My 5 fondest memories of Davis, my 5 year-old:

5. Baby Davis was such a momma's boy! He would fuss the whole time Jeff would hold him until he was about 6 months. When he was about 10 months my mom bought him a shirt that said "I heart mommy". He wore it A LOT :)
4. He's always been super obedient for his teachers: nursery, pre-school, primary, gymnastics. Whenever there have been disciplinary issues with a class the teacher would always pull me aside and tell me it didn't really apply to Davis because he always listens!
3. When he's in a good mood he'll just come up, give you a big hug and say "I love you". I can always tell when he's grumpy or feeling neglected because he won't do it as often.
2. He was the first one to get Whitney to really laugh. It's surprising to me because he thinks playing with her means making baby noises really loud right in her face while jerking her arms up and down. So many times I think he's going to make her cry and instead she smiles and laughs. They must be kindred.
1. Davis has always liked to eat. When he started talking he'd call from his crib and when I'd go to get him (at 5:30AM every morning!) he'd say, "I want 'nana". Anytime anyone watched him for me they'd always comment on his amazing appetite :)

Some pictures from the archives:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

She's out-done herself!

This may be cuter than her saying "mama".
Love the fishy/kissy face!
and apparently I MUST end every video by telling her she's cute, sorry.

I love how you can see that her eyes are most definitely blue in this picture!
Jeff says it's her "Blue Steel" look.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"You don't talk a lot. I like you."

I love my life. I'm not one to downplay its um, difficulties? but I know that as long as I'm able to laugh with/at my children at least once a day I'll be fine. Tonight my little tidbit of joy came at the dinner table. Leah and Jeff were repeating a line from the movie Up (I don't know lines from this movie because I can't seem to actually sit down and watch it! oh well). They kept saying, "Cross it! Cross it!" and then Jeff said, "You don't talk a lot. I like you." So then the kids started making variations of this. Leah said something like, "You don't eat a lot. I like you." And then Davis said, "You stink a lot. I like you." and then Jeff said, "You smell like stinky bacon. I like you." Davis got a little upset about that one and when Leah said, "You stink a lot. I like you." Davis got really mad. He furiously pointed at Jeff and said "I DO NOT smell like bacon." and then he turned his finger toward Leah and said, "Don't say MY jokes!". I don't know why this is so funny to me but I think it shows his personality perfectly! The boy does not really like to get teased but LOVES to tease. Its a combination only a mother could love :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

More of the books I've been reading because I know you're dying to know :)

What's not to love?

Whitney saying mama is the CUTEST thing!

Last night Whitney had pulled herself up to standing on a stool and then proceeded to slip and smack her face on it. Feb 28, 2010= her first bloody nose. Yikes!

Last night I was laying by Davis in his bed and he was rubbing his foot. That's where his eczema has been the worst his whole life and even though it is mostly gone now he said, "I'd invent a machine that could rub it. And if you wanted it to scratch it hard you'd push the button that said HARD. And if you wanted it to scratch it so hard you'd push the button that said SO HARD. And if you wanted it to scratch it so so so hard until it bleeds you'd push the button that said BLEED." Of course I laughed and said, "I don't like that BLEED button :( "

I love that Whitney can crawl now. She still does it so funny but she is definitely able to get to anything left on the floor. The kid who has the most difficulty keeping their tiny toys and things off the floor is LEAH! She's such a messy girl! When she was tiny I'd encourage Leah to clean up her toys and she'd say "but I like them just like that right there on the floor". Haha, I think she still feels this way :) And money! She's forever leaving coins on the floor! What am I going to do with her!? She's supposed to me my responsible one...OK, I guess she is only seven :)

Grayson is in love with books and puzzles. When he was at my mom's house she bought him about 10 puzzles from the dollar store because he loves to do them everyday! And we checked out about 20 books from the library and he has me read the same 5 or 6 over and over. It's so funny to see how excited he gets about Dora and a book called Easy Peasy. And I get so much enjoyment hearing him say "easy peasy" with his lisp :) It's just too cute!