Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Who Says You Can't Go Home"

-Bon Jovi

I had a fun time in Blythe this Saturday. It's good to touch base with my family and even see some of my extended family. It was fun to eat at Amapola too :) It's my family's favorite Mexican food place there and it's tradition to go even though you're going to gain at least 5lbs just for looking at the menu! The only other thing we did was look at Amber's impressive spread of Lia Sophia jewelry now that she's a consultant (my Mom hosted a party too but it was way before I got there). It's beautiful stuff and Amber's taught me the fun in "accessorizing" ;)


rachel said...

autumn stay away from the bling. i know how much you love it.

Autumn said...

Ha ha. Actually, I bought A LOT more :) There's this bracelet that is pure bling... I'll have to show it to ya when it comes in. It's amazing :)

Jocie said...

I remember that place with the jalapeno thingys. I think it was a bowling alley. Still, so good. I LOVE jewelery too. I am bad at it, but I try. Does your sis have a website by chance?

Autumn said...

My sister does have a website:
I personally love Lia Sophia jewelry. I'm so excited she's selling it now!!

Jennifer said...

When I saw this picture I thought wow you and your sister do look a like, I had never thought that before. I love going out to eat!