Saturday, April 4, 2009

"And I could tell that you could tell that I was takin' my time"

- "Shake it" by Metro Station

It seems like I've had to WAIT a long time for everything lately. It's a lesson in patience I'm sure.

About two weeks ago we made on offer on a new house... or should I say we made a re-offer on the house we wanted before. Last time the seller deceided to not sell it to us (after we'd had a signed contract for two weeks) and they were going to refinance. Well, apparently they couldn't and they re-listed the house about three weeks later. And even though I think they're mean for pulling out of our last contract, we really want this house so we made another offer on it. And so we wait. I've been told the seller's relator can't even contact the bank to check on the status of the sale until NEXT friday! And they don't even guarantee a final answer then. Patience is a virtue right!?

And then... I took Grayson in on monday to get his blood drawn for some tests and I had to wait until FRIDAY for the doctor's office to call me back with the results. I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant or what but I was going crazy waiting! Well, I didn't really wait, I called twice a day, they just kept telling me they'd call me back. The worst part was that I could see his results online, I just didn't really know what they meant, and I could see that one level they tested was below the "normal" range provided on the results page! Luckily the doctor said it was still satisfactory. Whew! So even though he's still one big rash, his tests have all come back normal.
Whatever, after Richard G. Scott's conference talk to day I'll take my rashy baby any day over the trials he has lived through.
And plus, Grayson's still the cutest almost two year-old ever!


Jenafer and David Lowe said...

Will you guys still be in the ward? Thats the really important question!

Autumn said...

Unfortunately no :( We couidn't really find what we were looking for in this area!

Chris and Melissa said...

I hope you get your house!!! I am sad that it is not in the ward, but you gotta do what ya gotta do.

Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

For all of his physical discomfort, he really is one cute, happy almost-two-year-old. It is a bummer that you are moving. Davis informed me that you are not "maybe" moving; you "are" moving. I believe him; he knows his stuff!

ray and brandie said...

I hope things work out with the house! I could of helped you with those test results.