Monday, November 9, 2009

"We're gonna party like it's 1999"

- Prince

My 10 year high school reunion was a trip! It was fun/interesting seeing so many of my classmates again. I'm a horrible long-distance-realtionshiper so there weren't many I'd kept in close contact with and there were soooo many people who I'd love to have seen but didn't come :( And it was surprisingly cliquish, go figure. But the funniest thing was when some guy told Jeff they remebered him...uh, he didn't go here haha, and then someone (I can't remember who!) referred to him as Mr. Autumn Tippit, good one!

Another thing the weekend offered was a chance to ask myself "What HAVE you done with the last 10 years of your life!?". I can't even explain how overwhelming that question became. It seems like so much of my doings won't be considered an accomplishment for a long time. Parenting is the biggest one. I've spent so much time learning and growing in this endeavor but do I really have anything tangible to show for it? Well, except for my children's apparent cuteness of course ;)

And, since I'm being honest here, I was also concerned with how I would look at the reunion. I did just have a baby but I didn't want people to think I'd let myself go haha. One thing I'd tell my teenage self is, "you're not fat, not even a little". The thing I miss the most about high school is the opportunity to play sports all the time. I totally did not appreciate that at the time.

Unfortunately my camera's battery was dead and I hadn't found the cord to recharge it yet so don't have any pictures of my own from the reunion. Can you tell I'm still completely disorganized from the recent move?

Here are some pics of the weekend from Meema's camera:

Poor Grayson had a fever the whole time :(


Jeffrey said...

I love Davis's face on that third picture! There truly is nothing more awesome in the universe than a flaming marshmallow.

Autumn said...

My mom and I were marveling over his look too... I think it was just luck catching it so perfectly :)

Katie said...

I was a little bit sad that I couldn't be there, but honestly, after seeing all those pictures on facebook, I was kind of glad that I wasn't. It just looked like high school transported 10 years - not that high school was horrible or anything, but ... I feel the same way as three kids are my biggest accomplishment, and I don't think that most people make the distinction between just getting knocked up and popping them out, and really PARENTING. I totally understand being concerned about the way you look - I would have felt the same way, but you don't need to worry Autumn. You are, and always have been beautiful, and that really isn't an exaggeration.

I think my main motivation for wanting to go was to show off Chad, who has only gotten better looking and more successful with age.

Autumn said...

Katie you're too kind. And people asked about you! I was like, "what? you don't read her blog?" Haha. The most memorable person was Mr. Scott Peterson. Remember him, our class sponsor? He looked EXACTLY the same! I had fun even though a lot of people didn't even say hi.