Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday's Whatever

  • Whitney asked Jeff if she could have $100!  And then she politely added, "I'll pay you back."  Where does she hear this stuff!?
  • Whitney also says, "What the?"  and "What the heck?" quite often.  I know where she heard that haha.
  • I finally figured out how to get the pictures off my new camera's SD card so be prepared to be inundated with pictures (and back-dated posts).
  • Christmas is coming!  I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving by my kids haven't thought 1 iota about it since they spend every day circling toys they want in the Christmas ads.  It's annoying.  They're so greedy.
  • Davis LOVES to tell me everything Grayson does wrong.  Here's a conversation from one day:
    • Davis:  Grayson unbuckled his seatbelt!
    • Me: You sound so excited to tell me he's doing something wrong.  That's called tattling.  Let's be excited when he is doing something right.  And he only unbuckled the top of his seat belt to get something.  He wasn't really breaking the rules.  (Since we were parked waiting for Leah to get done with choir)
    • Davis:  Well, if he unbuckles the bottom buckle, THEN can I tattle!? 
  • When Leah got done with choir we were parked in the part of the parking lot that had a light out (I hadn't noticed) but when Leah walked up she said, "We came over to the dark side...of the force."  Love her.

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