Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cruise info...finally!

I know it's old news but Jeff and I went on a cruise of the Southern Caribbean the first week in February. It was our first big vacation without the kids ever. We wanted to go on a cruise to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary (which is in June) but we couldn't wait until the summer. It's best to cruise the warm Caribbean when it's cold at home ya know!? Anywho, it was so fun! We went with Kindra & Spencer and they are hilarious! And I read 6 books so that's a successful week to me ;)

Our first day. We landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico and went straight to the ship. Our first island: Tortola, our cruise ship in the background.

Pictures of Tortola.
I normally think pictures without people in them are pointless but Tortola was my favorite island :)

Us relaxing on St. Maarten. This was the prettiest beach and the most touristy. And people kept trying to sell Spencer drugs. It was pretty funny. "Any bad habits man?"

St. Kitts is special because it's the Atlantic Ocean on the North side and the Carribean Sea to the South. We snorkeled a little on St. Kitts and Jeff accidentally stepped on a sea urchin, oops. The next picture is of our group on Dominica. We snorkeled at Champagne beach were bubbles bubble up from the bottom. There were so many beautiful fish there!

Barbados was our last island. We just snorkeled and sun bathed and then some locals brought their two horses to swim in the ocean. It was great, and kind of random haha.

I'm not a big picture taker so we have the most pictures from when we were on Barbados (our last island haha). We docked in San Juan and our flight wasn't until afternoon so we spent the day exploring some of the shops in Old San Juan and touring their military fort.

The fort was amazing! It's a very impressive structure that was built by hand in the 17th century. It's really incredible. I learned a lot about the history of the area too.

There were so many fun adventures. I have to go pick up Leah from Activity Days right now but I'll add some to this post later!

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Autumn Wilkins said...

It looks beautiful. I would LOVE to go someplace like this someday, but have you ever seen the tv show "Locked Up Abroad?" It scares me! Lucky your friend didn't end wih a story for the show!