Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Wednesday Whatever

  • It's really cold here all of the sudden!  Last night at Davis' soccer practice I was freezing and the thermometer on my van said the outside temperature was 66 degrees.   Today the kids are playing outside wearing mittens and for some odd reason all of this makes me want to use my crock pot haha.
  • Whitney's on a twin bed now.  She's potty trained (which I never blogged about because it was pretty easy) so it's best for her to not be in a crib.  Nap time is crazy again though. Off and on and off and on and off and on...
  • Jeff and I are going to run in the Las Vegas Ragnar with other members of our ward (Oct 21st & 22nd).  I'm soooo excited!!  I haven't really been training but I think it will work out since we're all just doing it for fun.
  • We tried a new piano teacher yesterday since Leah's old one stopped teaching due to her 4th pregnancy (and I heard the other day she's moving to TX!).  He came to our house, had a lot of great energy and gave Davis and Leah their introductory lesson.  Everything went great and we'll see how this week of practicing goes.  


Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you are blogging. I love it.

Jennifer said...

Isn't it funny how wimpy we get when it gets "cold"? We've been making soups and my kids have also been wearing their hats and mittens. :)