Monday, October 8, 2012

The Farting Family

 (titled by Davis)

Leah and Davis just told me a story about how after they had gone to bed their dad put his booty inside their door and farted.  And it stunk.  And they had to open the window.  And it smelled like rotten eggs, skunk spray and rotten corn.

So then they all farted.  Leah and Davis real farted and Whitney pretend farted.  Davis said Leah's smelled the worst.  Leah said hers smelled the same as Davis' and dad's. 

*Apparently that's not the whole story.  Jeff texted me from work, "The true story is that I walked into the room, announced I had something for Davis, then farted loud and long.  I did not walk away, that would have been rude ;)"

So when my kids have potty humor just know it's not my fault ;)

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janet said...

this is so my life.. and my husband. :)