Sunday, March 23, 2008

Misty, Misty, Bo-bisty

I traveled all the way to Cleveland... 4 1/2 hours on a plane with a ten-month old and freezing temperatures... why you might ask? Because my best friend Misty lives there and that's what friends do :)

Misty and I were roommates in college and now she lives in Cleveland so her husband can attend Case Western for graduate school. A while ago I was missing her so I bought a non-stop ticket to Cleveland! It was Ernie's Spring Break so we had a great time. We relaxed, watched movies, chatted about life, went out to eat, straightened Misty's super curly hair with my flat iron, shopped a little (mostly at CVS :) and just hung out. It was a great vacation for me :) They had had a huge snow storm just days before we landed so there was snow everywhere and huge snow banks on the sides of the roads. I haven't seen this much snow in a long time! It didn't snow while we were there but it was still cold, the temperature was in the 30's the day we left! I get the Las Vegas weather report on my phone and one day it said the high temperature was 80 degrees :) Quite the contrast. While we were there Grayson didn't want to take his regular naps but I had a good laugh seeing Abby "play" with him. She mostly would politely ask me to get the baby so he didn't ruin her stuff :) She's such a well behaved little girl I was really amazed!

Our little family was really spread out during this week too! Leah was in Blythe, Grayson and I were in Cleveland and Davis and Dad were here in Las Vegas! I don't think we've ever been this far apart!


Runyon Family said...

What a fun little get away! I'm glad you had fun! Your Disneyland pictures are so cute!!

rachel said...

Hey, are you looking for houses for us?! We are just working on a job and we are outta here. Blakes easter outfit is 18 months so it's yours if Grayson isn't already in that size. And guess what? I bought that outfit!

Janae' said...

Hiya Autumn-

It took 3 months...but I finally caught all the episodes of Gossip Girl. Yikes...I'm like soooo addicted!
Now I need to go download that one girls song and check it out!

Love ya!

Keith A. Runyon said...

Cleveland?!?!? I have family in Cleeeeeveland.

Misty said...

We had fun! I'll have to come visit you next time where we won't freeze. I haven't found any good CVS deals since you left! I'm going tomorrow for some toe seperators for Abby's party, .99 and whenyou buy 3, $5 ECB back!

Misty said...

check out this site