Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday My Love!

My hubby is turning 30 today!!! Even though I'd love to shower him with gifts and make today his special day he worked all day and as soon as he gets home we're leaving to go to Cedar City. How boring...maybe it's a sign that he's old ;)

** Just so you know Jeff isn't a medical doctor, he's getting his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Yeah, my hubby's a genius! And adorable :)


rachel said...

Tell him I said happy birthday you ole fart. Jk. I trun 30 this summer too. ahhhhh

Janae' said...

Jeffy-Poo- (sing along here...)
Happy Happy Birthday Jeffy Poo
Hope happy days will come to you-ooo-ooo
If I had a wish
then it would be

That you would let your wife blog about you to me!!

Okay, sounded good in my head!

Love you Jeffy Poo!!
Auntie nae'

Jennifer said...

Tell Jeff, Danny and I wish him a Very Happy Birthday! Hope you guys had fun in Cedar City.