Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"About no one, and nothing in particular"

Oh, I'm on fire with the song lyric titles! This one and this one are from "Straight Lines" by Silverchair. It's kinda my favorite song right now :)

My mind has been pretty random lately...
- I can read a book in a day. I never knew that before. Actually, I get so into reading it's hard for me not to finish a book as fast as I can once I start it. Even when they're heart-wrenching like Ender's Game. I had to re-read my favorite parts of Twilight the next day just to lift my spirits :)
- I think I'd be a better housewife if I was judged on my reading skills and not my cleaning skills. Ha ha, I think that's only funny to me :)
- The Tetris effect: interesting, very interesting.
- Rod needed my van to take Jordan and his friends to Mexico so I have his trusty Acura RL in my possession. I'm in love, I don't ever want to give it back! Like I said before, if I was only going to have 3 children I'd be in a sedan lickety-split but I think that'd be a crazy reason to stop having kids... even for my car-obsessed self :)
-Keri's son Kyle is my favorite person to give a ride home. Today he noticed the navigation system in the RL and was blown away. When I showed him the back-up camera he said "That's the awesomest thing I've ever seen!". Awhile back he marveled at the mini-van too, "My family would kill for automatic doors". Ha ha, love him!
- My sister and I are going to be in Blythe at the end of next week, I don't know how I feel about it just yet. She's always a joy to hang out with but Blythe is so hot and staying inside makes me stir crazy. I guess we'll just have to put on some Gavin DeGraw and sing along at the top of our lungs :) Ah, it just might work :)
- If you haven't read "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer you should. Thank you Jared for letting me borrow it :)


Katie said...

I completely agree with point number 2! And I also have a hard time not reading a book in one day.

That comment from the boy about the navigation system totally reminds me of Colin. He always notices things like that and is way into it.

Lisa & Bill said...

I love your enthusiasm about reading. I used to love to read, but am too lazy now I guess. I need to read one of the books you like & maybe it'll get me started again. Kyle is an observant kid that's for sure. And very sweet.

Ruth said...

Hooray for Blythe!! The other day we drove by your parents house and Troy and I decided that you needed to come visit us (forget the fam because it's all about Troy, right?). Anyway, call us and we'll buy you Foster's Freeze.

Ruth said...

We are leaving Friday morning (unless Troy comes home in an hour and changes his mind again). So it looks like Wednesday night (after we get back from our Phoenix dentist) or Thursday afternoon/evening is our only chance!