Monday, October 20, 2008

"I won't sleep if you won't sleep"

- "The Secret's in the Telling" by Dashboard Confessionals

My sleep schedule's all messed up now. On Friday we had our Relief Society Overnighter and it was so fun I didn't bother wasting any of my time sleeping :) We played Phase 10, Spoons, a few "get to know you" games and then my friend and I stayed up finishing up a puzzle and chatting. It was super fun!! It's been a long time since I've stayed up so late that anything that happens is hysterical :) Ah, good times!

Thank you Jeff for watching the kids and not feeding them crap while I was away :) Muah!


Janae' said...

So glad you are back in the blogging habit. I was worried about you. Okay so I guess I should have called and checked up on you-but that would be so "un-Janae-like" I really did miss you though.

Auntie Nae'

Jana said...

Wow, you got to have a sleepover!?!? That's so awesome! I wanna do that!!

Jennifer said...

That must have been so fun!

Lisa and Bill said...

That was a fun time! I even mentioned it on my blog w/a shout out to you & Rachel! You ever got a pic post! Our ward is the best!! Glad you got away for a little while. Cafe Rio was fun too! Sorry Jeff!

Bobbi Leavitt said...

Aw, so fun! I love it when you are so tired everything is funny.
(and a shout out to jeff)