Monday, March 23, 2009

"I'm comin' up so you better get this party started"

- "Get the Party Started" by Pink

The weekend before last I flew up to SLC to visit some old friends. When I left I thought I was going to spend my time relaxing, and sleep through the night, and overall just do nothing. Well, it turned into a stay-up-all-night slumber party and I came home exhausted. Super fun but exhausting!

Friday I had a nice flight up and "surprised" Adri with my pregnancy. Apparently she doesn't read my blog! That night we all got practically NO sleep with Jocie, Adri, Jaley and myself just chatting until the wee hours of the morn. Sorry, no pictures of that.

Saturday Jaley and I shopped and then met up with Adri, Marcus and Piper to hang out at his relative's house to party all night...again :)
Playing pool.
Hey Marcus, remember when you went to break and you missed the cue ball? That was pretty funny :)
Playing Rock Band.
This picture looks a little "Sixth Sense"-ish with all the mysterious lights that showed up!
Here's me and Piper, Adri's adorable 4 month old baby!
She was seriously the best baby ever! She needs to teach my baby to be that calm!

Sunday morning we woke up early to attend "Music and the Spoken Word" in the Tabernacle.
It was marvelous!
In the visitor's center:
It's always so fun to have a party weekend!

uh... and Marcus ;)


Jana said...

SO fun!! That's so awesome that you got to go play with them!!!

Jocie said...

It was great to chat all night with you girls! Oh and Marcus was a good sport about us taking over his room.