Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Old Friends"

-Everything but the Girl

The kids and I drove up to St. George this past Friday to spend the weekend with Jocie. We left Jeff here to do his manly things uninterrupted, ha ha. It was a quick trip but super fun! The condo we stayed at we beautiful and had an indoor pool and hot tub. My kids were in heaven! They LOVE to swim! We were at the pool by 9 or 10 in the morning and that was late for them, I had to make them wait until everyone was ready :) And then later after nap time we headed down the the Frostop. Mmm, a dinner of Piccadilly chips and ice cream. Delish!

Leah loved Jocie's baby Rome!

Side note: Leah was kinda getting congested before we left for this trip and I wanted her to take some yucky tasting medicine but she refused. The only way I convinced her to take it was by telling her that if she didn't take it she could get Rome sick so I wouldn't let her hold him. She took it right then!

Overall we had a lovely visit and we miss Jocie and Rome already!

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Elizabeth said...

Those pictures are super cute! I like Gray's crazy hair. It reminds me of mine :)