Friday, July 31, 2009

38 weeks, 6 days

Why am I not in labor!? I have plenty of pain to constitute labor! But alas, I'm still at home.

I saw Dr. Groom on Wednesday and I'm dilated to 3 cm & 70% effaced. He said my cervix felt very stretchy and he'd be surprised if I lasted another week, ha ha. He said that when I was 37 weeks with Grayson and I lasted 2 more weeks! And then couldn't take the pain anymore and went in for an induction. Whatever. I really just want to go into labor on my own, for once! Dr. Groom said I could call anytime if I change my mind. And when he says anytime he means it, I have his HOME number :)

I feel really bad for my kids too, I'm a grumpy mama! It's hard not to get frustrated when you endure the pain of getting up to meet their needs and it's something they could easily have done themselves. Grrr, and Grayson always wants to be picked up and carried around. It's too scorching hot to do anything outside either. So we just stay inside and drive each other crazy all day. Okay, it's not that bad... I'm just grumpy.

Oh yeah, another thing that's adding to the grumpiness is the fact that we were supposed to have a date to sign for our new house TWO WEEKS ago and we still don't have one!!!!! And after we sign we have to wait for it to record before we get the keys. This is the longest escrow ever! The bank who's funding our loan is taking their sweet time! Jerks.

So I feel like my To Do list is long but most of it is suspended until we get the keys, and in the meantime I can't move without wanting to cry. Lovely, isn't it?

Today would be a good day to have a baby :)


ray and brandie said...

I don't think you're grumpy on purpose. It's hard to be so pregnant in the middle of the summer. That has to count for something.

Ruth said...

You are a brave woman! At you're not trying to complete a move in the process. I can't wait until your little girl is here and you come to show her off in the real desert. :)

Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

It would be a saint to not feel grumpy and impatient waiting for a baby & a house. I'm excited to hear of her arrival, surely it will be very soon!