Saturday, July 11, 2009

36 weeks!

I know my baby girl is big and strong because when she kicks it hurts!  

I'm doing good pregnancy wise.  I took a dandelion root supplement and my PUPP rash went away!  Cool huh!?  I told my doctor and he said he's not trained in herbs but I could take whatever I wanted, and he's glad it went away (FYI: herbs aren't FDA approved so he can't recommend them to his patients).  That rash was pretty miserable for a week.  I even shed tears over it I was so miserable.  I had to take Benadryl at night to make me drowsy enough to sleep or it would keep me up at night!  Well, after 2 days on the dandelion root it wasn't so bad and I could sleep without the Benadryl.  After a week the bumps and raised hive-like appearance had gone but I still had REALLY splotchy skin and it still itched really bad at times.  Today, it's been nearly two weeks, and it's almost gone completely.  Even the itch is mostly gone :)  Yeah for herbs :)  Maybe if I give some to my kids their eczema will go away... a girl can dream can't she ;)

 I love Dr. Groom, he has such a calming personality, he choose the right profession.  I do feel a little bad for him, he's surrounded by major estrogen ALL DAY at work and then he goes home to his 5 DAUGHTERS (no sons).  That man will have a special place in heaven I'm sure :)

I find out on Monday when I officially get off bed rest, yay!  I have been doing A LOT more this past week than I had previously.  I'm trying my hardest to not drive Jeff crazy.  He's not the kind of husband who "babies" their wife, even when they're on bed rest.  Like, he's never once told me to get back in bed when I'm up helping :)  He's done soooo much I can just tell he's tired of having to do it all.

I haven't had too many contractions recently, so that's good.  I have (and have always had) them when I get up, most of the time when I bend over too much, when I lay flat on my back too long, etc.  Jeff's mom saw me "doing more" on Wednesday and said she thinks I'm better.  Wait, I wasn't ever sick, I'm on bed rest.

The kids have been says some super funny things... but I keep forgetting them all!  Here's one conversation from this morning I remember:
Jeff (to Davis):  Aren't you going to have so much fun teaching the new baby things?
Davis: Yeah.
Jeff: You can teach her how to hold her bottle, show her how to crawl...
Davis: Yeah, and teach her how to fight!
*I laugh in the background.
Davis (looking at me): The bad guys, just fight the bad guys.
I continue to laugh because he's just such a boy!  But I'm sure his little sister will LOVE to learn to fight the bad guys so she can be just like him :)


Jocie said...

Yea, Mom. You have to fight the bad guys. That is totally the first thing a baby sister needs to know. Davis is so funny! I hope Monday goes well!

Barb said...

36 weeks! That's great. For both my boys that was when I got off bed rest fully expecting to give birth within hours....Travis waited another 10 days and Jake kept me waiting 2 weeks.
Good luck!

Jana said...

ooohhh, you're getting so close!! 36 weeks, she's totally fine! :) Hope he lets you off soon, as in NOW! And I'm glad that the boys will ONLY teach her to fight the bad guys.