Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Bees were humming, sweet birds singing"

-"Joseph Smith's First Prayer" hymn #26

We don't have our office set up so I don't blog in real time anymore :( And these pictures are all from my Mom's camera, I haven't even uploaded the few Jeff took yet! Moving into a new house is hard ha ha.

Anyways, over General Conference weekend Jeff and I took our kids camping on the Colorado River. We camped two nights, Friday and Saturday, to get the real camping experience. I had so much fun. It was like a snapshot of my childhood :)

The biggest challenge of the weekend was the potty situation. Grayson was wearing underwear but still having accidents and Davis DID NOT want to "go" in the bushes. I had brought the "potty chair" for Gray but Davis didn't want to use that either. He even asked if we could drive back to Papa's to go potty! After a little while both of them got the hang of the situation. Whew, crisis averted ;)

And then there was the skunk situation...
My parents came to camp with us Saturday night. As we ALL sat around the campfire out comes this skunk. She is not afraid of us and keeps coming back even though we keep throwing rocks at her. My dad has the brilliant idea that he's going to shot the skunk! After materializing a gun, getting all gangsta making sure it's still usable, realizing his 56 year old eyes can't see that good in the dark, encouraging me to shoot it even though it was scrounging for food on a big pile of ROCKS! and A LOT of laughter, I'm happy to report the skunk was not harmed. We even left some food out for her to eat. Okay, that was an accident :)


Jennifer said...

How fun! I love camping, Max has been asking when we're going again. How far away is the Colorado River? I'm glad you had fun, even with a new baby. I take it the skunk didn't spray anyone; good thing!

Katie said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I am glad the skunk left you alone. I can just picture you guys sitting around laughing about that.

Heidi and Rich said...

Looks funs - tell Davis Spencer says hi. He misses him!! I hope you are handling 4 kdis - I am not sure if I will ever be able to handle that well!!!