Monday, September 28, 2009

"I've got a feeling..."

-"Tonight's gonna be a good night" by The Black Eyed Peas

Leah's a fickle little girl. She's very physically active but on certain occasions she refuses to do some um... what's the word... things? She won't go to gymnastics anymore and at birthday parties she won't do any sort of race. Well, last Thursday night she told me Friday was P.E. and she didn't want to go. She said it was because they told her she had to wear tennis shoes and she didn't have any. Well, I reminded her that she did in fact have some, but then she reminded me how she hates them. Which is true. Leah would rather go bare foot.

Friday morning rolls around and she's in tears asking if she could please just stay home. What!? No. Of course I put her tennis shoes on her, encouraged her to try her best in P.E. and sent her to the bus stop. About 10am I get a phone call from the school saying Leah's in the office because her shoes are hurting her feet and she wants me to bring her a new pair. Of course I very sympathetically make my way down to the school, help her put the different shoes on and then ask her if she needs help finding her way back to her class. She tells me her class was in the P.E. room and she doesn't know if they're still there. What!? You were in the office when your class was in P.E.?

Very suspicious Leah, very suspicious!

... and she's 6!

2009-2010 school picture
1st grade


Jana said...

Sounds like me in P.E., my whole life...always looking for an excuse.

Ruth said...

Lol. She's very smart to have figured that out already. And for only 1st grade PE. I can only imagine what's to come.

Katie said...

Oh, that is too funny. Colin has only tried the ol' "My tummy hurts" thing so far. She has some sophisticated excuses going on for a six year old.

Jennifer said...

What a smartie! And what a girl! Max's favorite day of the week is P.E. he talks about his P.E. teacher all of the time. How funny the difference is.

Monique said...

She's got it all figured out. Your gonna have to stay on your toes:)