Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life is good right now.

Last night I was laughing with Jeff that I've been reading too many books lately, it makes my mind thing like an author, we're so relaxed and comfortable right now that something bad needs to happen. Jeff said, "Ah, the plot twist." Then he came up with a good plot twist that involved him quitting his job a la Dave Chappelle. I laughed until my side hurt, that boy is funny.

I think one of the reasons I'm so relaxed is because my mother had my big kids in Blythe for a whole week! It was just me and Whitney enjoying some quality time together. And Jeff had Monday off of work so it was super weird. He RARELY has holidays and with the kids gone it was super quiet! Eerily quiet. It was nice to have some space but it was my everyday life I wouldn't prefer it. The house did stay clean since there wasn't anyone to go behind me and instantly mess it up though! That was amazing haha.

A whole week with just Whitney solidified her adorable status. And she has two matching bottom teeth that are super sharp!

Here's a video of her "crawling":


Stuart and Heather Humes said...

Jealouse! I could stand a week of quiet, but I agree, I don't want it to be my whole life, just a week of it!

Stuart and Heather Humes said...

P.S. I Do know how to spell, just not when I'm in a hurry I guess!

Bobbi Leavitt said...

i cant believe how much she looks like grayson.
She is adorable!

Ruth said...

Her crawling works for me. It's so cute! Of course it helps that she is so cute!

Jocie said...

that is too cute! I am impressed that you can get her to do stuff for the camera. Rome never would. He did say mama for you though.