Monday, March 8, 2010

My 5 fondest memories of Davis, my 5 year-old:

5. Baby Davis was such a momma's boy! He would fuss the whole time Jeff would hold him until he was about 6 months. When he was about 10 months my mom bought him a shirt that said "I heart mommy". He wore it A LOT :)
4. He's always been super obedient for his teachers: nursery, pre-school, primary, gymnastics. Whenever there have been disciplinary issues with a class the teacher would always pull me aside and tell me it didn't really apply to Davis because he always listens!
3. When he's in a good mood he'll just come up, give you a big hug and say "I love you". I can always tell when he's grumpy or feeling neglected because he won't do it as often.
2. He was the first one to get Whitney to really laugh. It's surprising to me because he thinks playing with her means making baby noises really loud right in her face while jerking her arms up and down. So many times I think he's going to make her cry and instead she smiles and laughs. They must be kindred.
1. Davis has always liked to eat. When he started talking he'd call from his crib and when I'd go to get him (at 5:30AM every morning!) he'd say, "I want 'nana". Anytime anyone watched him for me they'd always comment on his amazing appetite :)

Some pictures from the archives:


Ruth said...

He's five!?!? Holy crap.

My favorite Davis moment was when he stabbed you in the leg with your keys and when you sternly told him to stop he sweetly asked "Did you like it?" We quote him all the time at my house. Even my sisters do. He's famous beyond his inner circle. :)

Autumn said...

Are you serious!!?? I had no idea you still quote him that was like THREE years ago!! Love it!!

Katie said...

I always LOVE your Davis stories. What a fun kid.

Ruth said...

Of course. Davis stories are timeless.