Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow, my blog has been super boring lately.

Our lives haven't been boring though. I need to get on the ball and post all the awesomeness I've been keeping to myself ;)

But, first I want to blog that I won a giveway!!
Well actually TWO!
The first one was forever ago. I won a Twilight inspired t-shirt from Olivia's blog
and I kept meaning to take a picture of it but...I didn't.

And then the other day I won the giveaway on Stacy's blog

$25 to Polkadot Pansies!
I ordered right away and the shipping was fast. The only critique I have of them is that they say on their website that everything's in stock but a few of the larger flowers I wanted were in fact sold-out. Other than that, they're great!
The pink flowers in the girls' hair are from my order.

(this is my second favorite pic from our family pics we took on Thanksgiving,
the other one will be on the Christmas card)

Also, Stacy recently added some really cool things to her etsy shop.
Leah would love any one of these necklaces!!


Stacy said...

I am so glad you got your order from the giveaway. I have been meaning to ask if it all worked out. Your pictures turned out great!

Jocie said...

Yay for winning! I love the pic. You look so grown up. When did we get so old?