Saturday, December 4, 2010

Soccer Skills.

Davis played soccer for the first time this season. He had a really good season, played well and enjoyed himself. He was the only player on his team that had never played before and I didn't see his coach ever really explain the game to him, so he was pretty confused during the games most of the season. Jeff has been REALLY busy seeing home health patients after work at the clinic so he didn't have time to take Davis out and explain things to him either. Before the first game Dad told him if he scored a goal he would buy him a big Lego set. Jeff thought it'd motivate him but really it just distracted him. It even got a little worse when Jeff's dad said he'd take him to McDonald's if he scored. After one game when Davis was particularly not focused he admitted, "all I could think about was McDonald's and Legos!".

My favorite memory of the season was from the very first game. Davis' coach put him in as defense and Davis had NO idea what he was supposed to do. After coaching him from the sidelines for a few minutes he understood that he was supposed to kick the ball as hard as he could when it came to him, and the first time the ball came he did just that! He was so excited he put his arms in the air and looked at us with a big grin on his face. It was adorable!!!!

Mid-season was a little rough though. Despite his best efforts he hadn't scored a goal and after the game Dad poked a little fun at him. Davis started crying. After talking him down for a few minutes he told me soccer was harder than he though it would be and he didn't like it when the other kids stole the ball from him. For a few weeks after that he didn't want to go to practice and would be grumpy for the first part of the game. I'm happy to say he eventually got over it, finished the season and wants to play next year!

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