Friday, December 17, 2010

Staycation details

In November my parents took the kiddos again! Jeff and I wanted to use his vacation days for some alone time instead of the usual family trip (which can be kinda stressful and exhausting). We thought long and hard about going out of town but there's no better place to party than right here in Las Vegas! We packed some fun times into those 5 days:
*We ate at Olive Garden while Costco was putting new tires on my van
*We ate sushi with Emily & Kevin Bowman
*I read two books, The City of Bones & Hush, Hush (neither of which were that great)
*We jumped out of a perfectly good plane thanks to Skydive Las Vegas
*We ate out with Emily & Steve Roeth, Cheesecake Factory mmmmm
*We partied with them late into the night playing Phase 10 (which I despise) and Mormon bridge (which I love)
*Jeff played his guitar and I went to play basketball
*We stayed two nights at the Green Valley Ranch and ate at the buffet twice
*We went to see Harry Potter and ate at Yogurtland
*Lastly, we went to the Rebel game

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting but you get the gist. On the drive home from Needles with the kids I told them what we did. Davis was so cute and after each thing he'd say whether or not he thought it was "awesome" or "not awesome". Pretty much everything was AWESOME :)

Here's what the kids did at Meema & Papa's:
*went to the desert, collected rocks and had a picnic

*rode horses

*went to the river, played in the sand and found a beaver's dam

*got cute

*had fun in Oatman, AZ

Good times.

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Ruth said...

Looks like everyone had fun!