Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Color Run 5K

I really couldn't be more frustrated with Blogger right now.  It took ALL DAY to get these pictures on my blog, grrrr.  Anyways, these are the pictures from the awesome Color Run 5K that we had here in Las Vegas.  It was to benefit 3 Square Food Bank and I'm sure they were very pleased because the event sold out!  Thousands of people participated.  It was awesome.  I had found out a few days before that young kids are welcome to participate and that was the best thing ever.  Davis and Grayson were so excited!  Leah said she doesn’t like to run so she declined the invitation haha.  But in the end she got into the spirit of it and had color head-to-toe :)

There were lots of people we knew there and so we all tried to bunch up at he starting line.  They staggered the start times so the color stations aren't too crowded and Grayson (and Kashina)= thought we had to wait forever and were not too pleased.

Once it got started Grayson did great and ran all by himself to the first color station.  Anyone going by HAD to make a comment that included the words “cute” and “little guy”.  He was so cute.  But then he got tired and I carried him on my back.  For the rest of the race!  I got a serious work-out!

When you sign up for the race they give you a pouch of color that you’re supposed to save until the end and they do a “color explosion”.  But the finish line festival wasn’t very organized and a lot of the people just used their pouches whenever they wanted.  Layne poured some of hers on my kids while they were posing for a picture and then she gave the pouch to Davis and he tried to get me.  It was fun and made for some great action shots.

In the end the kids couldn't stop talking about when we can do the next one and how they want all their cousins to do it too.  It was really one of the funnest family activities we've done in a long time!

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Love the fact that you are blogging!!
Great pictures Autumn!
Love Mom