Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

1. We swam at Grandma Cindy's:

2. We ate Cafe Rio, my favorite!
4. We made homemade ice cream with the most amazing vanilla my sister brought me from Mexico! The best ever!!
3. We watched the neighbors light their fireworks and almost get seriously burned countless times. I realized this year that most people don't have the same fire safety ideals as me because I was terrified for my children's safety the whole time! Hey Keith, remember last year when your illegal firework exploded on your lawn with the entire Leavitt family sitting there!?! I do!


Jennifer said...

4th of July makes me crazy too! I can't relax watching people do fireworks, that's why I like to just watch the big shows.
It looks and sounds like you had a great day!

rachel said...

then it was good you werent with us. cuz they did some illegals. but it was fun.see you

Kari said...

Thought I was the only one who couldn't relax when two-year-olds were brandishing sparklers! Two years in a row with burned babies and still no one will listen. When will it stop?

I still miss Mexico vanilla, that stuff is so good.

Jordan & Nikki said...

What a fun day with family. The 4th is always a nice summer holiday!

Jocie said...

Oh my gosh Autumn, your kids are getting so big! Leah looks so grown up. I wish I could come visit, but I am all road tripped out.