Friday, August 1, 2008

"Still, it seems funny sticky like honey"

I decided to name the song and artist when I use lyrics as song titles. Therefore avoiding any plagiarism lawsuits ;)
~ "Mind Reader" by Silverchair

- Davis is a sillyhead. A few nights ago he insisted on taking the sheets off his bed and sleeping on the bare mattress, which is bizarre in it's own right but kinda gross when you realize he's in a toddler bed and the mattress is plastic. Originally I thought he'd get sweaty and uncomfortable and ask for it back but that kids' crazy and says he likes it. So if you come over and Davis is sleeping on a hard plastic mattress don't judge me, he's likes it like that :)

- I really don't like pillows. I'm not the kind of person who enjoys decorative pillows in any way and actually they drive me crazy. I did try to force myself to like decorative pillows by buying some for the couch to match a new paint color but I've hated them ever since day one. The only reason we still have them around is whenever I've tried to get rid of them the kids throw a fit! They use these pillows to built their "beaver houses" by going into the office, shutting the door and then putting all the pillows up against the door so you can't open it. And they also use them to make "jumping places" where they pile them up at the foot of a chair or up against the couch or something and jump onto them. So if you come over and there are decorative pillows strewn across the floor just know they drive me crazy too :)


Alec & Tiffany Runyon said...

Autumn, we miss you guys down here. Work some magic and get down here!


I am Keri. said...

The mattress is better than the floor in the hall! :)

Kari said...

I totally hear ya on decorative pillows. I put them up in the closet for a long time, but now we're trying to sell the house so they're out again. On the couch? No, being made into forts, castles, and jumping places, just like yours! Who invented these things?

Katie said...

Same here with the pillows. I love the idea of decorative pillows, but it really doesn't translate.

Happy Birthday!

Jennifer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUTUMN! How was your weekend, did you finish the book?