Thursday, December 11, 2008

"And you can dance"

- "Get into the Groove" by Madonna

Leah's dance recital was last night on "the big stage". When I picked her up from school she told me "Don't forget I have my dance recital tonight." Ha ha, does she know me or what (yes, I'm that forgetful)! A month ago when I told her there's going to be a recital she said she didn't want to do it because she wouldn't remember the steps. I told her she'd have 5 more weeks to practice and her teacher would be there during the performance to help her and then she was kinda okay with it. Over the next 5 weeks she grew more confident and really excited. She even made sure to invite her Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Rod!
She might have been most excited about her Jasmine costume! She even told her kindergarten teacher all about it :)
Leah says: "I love to dance. I had fun with my friends and Ms. Eva. I loved to see the sugar plums and the candy canes too." Apparently the costumes for some of the other classes were called candy canes and sugar plums :)
One of the cutest things was during the finale. The younger class was supposed to march in a line in front of Leah's class but they were confused. Leah took it upon herself to wave them in and show them the line they were supposed to stand on. She's so helpful :)


Kari said...

Leah reminds me of Ezra, my oldest. So responsible and slighty disapproving of his scatterbrained mom! And so helpful and responsible. I'm glad her recital went so well, she looks adorable!

Bobbi Leavitt said...

Dear Leah,
You look so cute in your dance outfit. I am glad that you did so well and you were not scared in front of all those people. you are very brave! I miss you a lot.

Katie said...

How fun! I want a girl whose dance recitals I can attend.

Jennifer said...

Showing children the right way to go must be a first child characteristic. What help big siblings they are. I'm glad she is more comfortable with the dance recitals. How cute!