Monday, December 8, 2008

"Northern downpour sends it's love"

-"Northern Downpour" by Panic at the Disco

My kids love Utah! We'll probably never live there again but some pretty cool people we know do.

We visited Xander in Cedar City and we got to see his new baby brother Foster for the first time. We don't have any pics of the baby though because my boys have been kinda sick lately so we looked but didn't touch.
Jeff's grandma lives in Cedar too. We all LOVE her so much!
This is Gray playing Grandma Peterson's organ. Doesn't his smile look mischievous? Kinda like The Grinch!?
Next was Alivia's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's in Orem.
Then Davis and I went to a BYU Men's volleyball game in Provo where Trent taught Davis to say "Cougars rule!", kinda... Davis says it wrong but insists he's right. Oh well, I went to SUU anyway ;)
The boys scootering at Trent's apartment :)
Trent blessed his new baby Will at church on Sunday. But before thier 2pm ward Leah had the chance to hold him a lot. She just LOVES babies!


Keith A. Runyon said...

Nice photos!

Janae' said...

Um....Hello-it's Chuckie Cheese. There's balls, cake, candy, cousins, presents. Why do Alivia, Leah and Grayson look like they are attending some boring convention. Those are the most fake smiles. Whats up with that?
The saving grace is that they are so dang cute.


Jocie said...

Autumn ! you came to Utah and I didn't know?! How could you. :( I can totally go to Utah anytime. Okay, anytime and if its okay with Josh.

Autumn said...

Janae- Maybe you should google things before you correct someone :) And it's not Grayson in the picture it's Davis. And they're having to wait for the adult to take pictures before they can eat the cake so who could be happy about that!?

Jocie- You can go to Utah anytime? Why didn't I know this? I can go to Utah anytime. Well, when I have a place to stay :) But I still think we should all get together at the Mexico Beach house for real!

Janae' said...

Okay shoot me. They are all so stinking cute I can't keep them straight. I still call my own kids the dogs names. I'm good that way :)