Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"I will remember you"

-Sarah McLachlin

Grammy Leavitt passed away last week, she was 81 years old. The funeral was last Saturday and it was beautiful. Her posterity is just so talented there were 4 musical numbers! It was a pleasure knowing her and my children are so happy to know that we'll see her again someday. She was a huge fan of the UNLV Rebels and I think it's very fitting the Women's locker room there will be renamed in her honor.

On Sunday the family gathered at Grammy's house and my kids were able to take home some of the interesting toys Grammy was known for having. This is the conversation that I had with Davis later that day:
Davis: Grammy will never come home again huh Mom?
Me: Well Davis, she kinda did go home because before we came here we lived with Heavenly Father.
Davis (very enthusiasticly obviously remembering something he learned in primary): Yeah, we lived with Jesus before we were born.
Me: And now Grammy's living with Jesus. We'll live with Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Grammy when we die.
Davis: Yeah, and then Grammy can play with us.
I LOVE that he wants to play with her again and he knows he will someday!


Janae' said...

I love that Davis. I love all of them. But that little conversation made me a little teary.

Love you all!


Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

That is sweet. It's touching to see children understand such important yet simple principles.