Monday, January 5, 2009

"This Christmas"

- As sung by Ruben Studdard :)

Christmas time train ride. Meema bought the kids personalized conductor hats and handkerchiefs!

My brother's family.
My sisters family.
Their kids refused the conductor hats, they're cowboys :)

Next we went to the Palatki Ruins. The kids had a fun time hiking and exploring the cave dwellings!

One evening some of our group went to a fish pond and caught dinner! Good job guys!

Christmas eve Meema and Papa read stories to the kids:

And we acted out the nativity. In this picture Leah, who's Mary, is trying to hold onto Sterling, who's baby Jesus. He was completely unhappy with his casting and kept saying the whole time "I'm not baby Jesus!". Ha ha.

It's okay though, they made up later when Leah shared her new lipgloss :) After Sterling's lips were all sparkly his brother Cash announced "Sterling's pretty!" Ah, that's what brother's are for :)

Christmas morning was crazy with all those kids!

Everyone got new PJ's!!!

Thank you Meema and Papa for providing such a wonderful place to celebrate! We had a fabulous Christmas!

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Jocie said...

Those hats are so cute! I love that your sisters kids are cowboys too. It looks like you guys had so much fun! That was so nice of your parents.