Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"There's more to see than can ever be seen"

-"Circle of Life" by Elton John

Amber and I wanted to get our kids together since they hadn't seen each other since Christmas but neither of us were willing to drive the 12 hours to the other's house. So we met in Salt Lake. It's pretty much in the middle.

Right before we got to our hotel Davis complained about having something in his eye. I thought it might be a part of a snack, or some salt off his hands, so I dripped water in it and called it good. He said it felt better but THIS is what it looked like in the morning!!
He called it his broken eye!

And during the first night Grayson slept on the bed with me. He's a pretty restless sleeper and sometime in the middle of the night HE FELL OFF!!


The most of the other nights the kids slept on floor like this:
I think we were at maximum capacity!

The first day in there we took the kids bowling. We didn't get there until after lunch time and I don't have any pictures of it because it was a circus! All the kids took a nap after we were done!

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Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

Two awesome trips! They make me want to go on vacation now! Glad to hear of a possible answer for Grayson - GOOD LUCK as you start to adapt.