Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"It's all good, from Diego to tha Bay"

- "California Love" by Tupac & Dr. Dre

A few days after the kids and I got home from Salt Lake we headed off on a California vacation. I already had reason to be in Santa Monica on Thursday so we decided to make it the family summer vacation. With my due date being the first week of August I figured we wouldn't do much traveling this summer and bending at the waist is only going to get more difficult for me :)

Friday we went to Sea World with Bobbi and Alivia who live in San Diego and have season passes!
Leah loves Sea World!
The kids were pretty excited to touch the cool sturgens and bat rays.
The Tide Pool was the awesomest thing ever! The kids touched sea stars, an anemone and a sea urchin.
Leah pretty much wanted to live at the tide pool.
Riding the sea star cups at The Bay of Play.


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