Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Take my hand and come with me"

- "Are You Gonna be my Girl?" by Jet

Yesterday I was able to go with Leah to her school for their Muffins for Mom's activity! I had to juggle babysitters for the boys but it was worth it!
We happily ate our muffins..okay, it was half a muffin each and I was still hungry afterward. I guess people don't support their PTA like they used to! I wouldn't know, I haven't been to any of the meetings.

Then we headed outside to the playground.

Where Leah showed me her monkey bar prowess :)
The last part of the activity was going to their class and observing for about half an hour. I was surprised how few moms there were, only about 6 including me!

Leah's teacher read them a cute story and then asked the kids to draw a picture of something they do to help. Leah's says "I read Grayson 2 books" which is something she does A LOT!
For some reason she decided to draw her reading him books at her Grandma Cindy's house. Her representation of Cindy's house is pretty spot on! Then she drew Cindy and I (there on the left) in matching dresses, LOL.

And just so you know we don't have matching dresses, but I wouldn't be opposed to it ;)


Trent said...

What an artist.

Jana said...

Wow, matching dresses with your mother in law would just be the best.
You look so cute with her!
Emma is pretty crazy about the monkey bars too...I had to ban her from it for the day so her blisters could heal a little!
And wow, only 6 parents? That's surprising! Is she in full day? Emma's class always has lots of parent support, but I think that's because she's in a half day class, so there are lots of stay-at-home moms.

Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

Leah is adorable. To quote her, "Yeah, I'm nice. I don't know why, but I'm ALWAYS nice."

I'm excited to have her over now.

Autumn said...

Jana- No, Leah's class is half-day. I think some of the moms came for the food and then left, even if they were just going home. I was really disappointed in the turn-out.

Nikki- I think Davis would disagree with Leah's statement :) She's such a crack-up! I think she's been finding practicing harder and not as interesting. And she thought it would be "so easy" :)

ray and brandie said...

I support all PTA functions.....except 3 hr meetings:)

Katie said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun. I love observing Colin's class - I am jealous that she has half-day. Leah is such a beautiful little girl!