Friday, September 18, 2009

"Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this"

-Kelly Clarkson

Whitney and I had a moment. Okay, I had a moment while holding Whitney. I'm not planning on birthing more children so...
she's probably going to be my last newborn!
I was rocking her when this thought occurred to me. It kinda took my breath away. They're just so cuddly and amazing at this stage! Their smell, their sounds, their cutely flailing arms. Can I be old enough for this chapter of my life to be ending!? I'd gladly adopt a newborn to have this experience again. I've SERIOUSLY thought about it. I'd gladly raise more children I just don't want to birth more children. Now I can see how the youngest gets totally spoiled :)

So Crystal asked me how I'm doing with 4 kids. Umm, how do I tell, LOL. It's hard for me to judge if the changes in my life are from the move or the new addition. We're living in a state of chaos. Partly because moving in general is hard, and partly because I had just had a baby less than two weeks prior to moving day. I think overall everything is just slow going and that's difficult for me to handle. I can't even post pics of my new house because most of it just looks like a construction zone! I've been practically begging Jeff to take some vacation days to get the house in order and more functional. He's yet to do it...

I did notice that the physical side of recovery had been more difficult this time. The after-pains were quite memorable! I'm consistently tired and having a lot of physical things on my to-do list doesn't help. I think there are a couple of people around me that expected me to be moving boxes UP THE STAIRS and things like that, but I didn't feel comfortable doing that. Well, I didn't feel comfortable doing that because every time I did the bleeding would come back (which I'm sure just added to the lack of energy). Anyways, I feel a lot better physically now. Whitney will be 7 weeks old on Sunday! Gasp!


Stacy Risenmay said...

Oh, the after pains. I had forgotten about that. Do we forget things so we'll keep having kids?

She is so adorable! I can't remember if I already told you that already. (I can't remember anything lately) I love her name too. Congrats on surviving the move too. Are you going to post pictures of your new house?

Misty said...

My after pains were sooo bad too. I feel like at 4 months we are just finally getting together and into a rountine- it was a crazy summer with a new baby, move, and 5 weeks in Utah! I'm dying to see pics of the house when you get a chance!

Kari said...

You're a rock, girl. I can't imagine moving with a new baby. And those afterpains do get worse with each kid, don't they? If there ever is a next time, try a heating pad on your back while you nurse. Georgia recommended this to me and it worked wonders!

Seriously, you inspire me to work harder and whine less. But take it easy on yourself!