Friday, September 4, 2009

"She is love"

2 weeks
3 weeks

4 weeks
Whitney has spent so much of her little life in her carseat! We've been so busy shopping for the new house AND going to and from Leah's school it seems like we've spent forever in the van. She comes with me everywhere and EVERYONE comments on her dark hair and of course her beauty too :) I can't really remember this much attention showered on my other babies... but they probably weren't out of the house this much.

But then again maybe she's just cuter than all the rest ;)


Jocie said...

Well, She is pretty adorable...

Crystal said...

How cute! So you need to post pics of the new place! How is 4 kids so far? You probably have really well behaved kids so it probably is a piece of cake for you! I know it is kickin my butt!

Katie said...

She really is a beautiful baby - she looks very wise for her age.

Jennifer said...

She is a cutie, she looks a lot like Leah! Thanks for coming out Saturday, it was great seeing you guys!