Thursday, April 15, 2010

"I thought you'd always be mine"

-"Baby" by Justin Bieber

Oh, the teeny bopper phase is upon us. Leah came home from school and asked if we could watch Justin Bieber on the computer. This is the first time she's ever asked this kind of thing!

Apparently this is what happened at school: *imagine Leah saying this very fast and teeny-bopperish* "Heaven brought a picture of Justin Bieber and Jaylin saw it and fainted. And anytime Heaven would show Jaylin she'd faint. She kept fainting over and over, it was so funny."

We watched a few of his videos on youtube and I kept talking about our strict no dating until you're 16 rule. LOL This video is our favorite:

I think he's adorable :) And over the weekend I tried to get Davis to roll his sleeves for some pictures and he CRIED saying it was babyish. When I saw this today I was like, "see Justin Bieber rolls up his sleeves" haha. Of course my kids have been singing the chorus and doing the "arm thing" (that he does around the 2 minute mark) all day.

Did you notice at forty seconds in he reaches for the girl and pulls on her jacket? Well, I told Leah that if a boy does that to tell him "hands to yourself!" and if he calls you Baby (like Justin does in the chorus 100 times!) you tell him "my name is Leah". Man eating training starts now ;)


Ruth said...

Those are very important lessons for Leah to learn. You are probably the best mom ever!!

Bobbi Leavitt said...

its never too early to know the tricks of the trade :)

Katie said...

Okay, I love your advice to her. Too funny.

Girls this age are so much more into things like this than boys this age. It is almost bizarre.

Jana said...

LOL! My activity days girls have been talking about Justin Bieber and when I finally saw a picture of him on a magazine I was like, "but he's so LITTLE!!!" How old is he, anyway?

Autumn said...

Katie, after seeing the videos my boys are totally into it! Gray asks for Justin Beaver haha. His songs are totally addicting!

Jana, he's 16! He looks younger but I think if he looked more mature I wouldn't be okay with Leah liking him so much :)