Monday, April 19, 2010

This video is for the grandparents.

They (and me of course) are probably the only people who will appreciate the entire thing.
It's super looonnnggg but filled with Whitney's adorable belly laugh.

Here are some random things I want to remember forever:
The above video is what we did tonight instead of FHE, or rather as FHE. They did recite an article of faith, I'm counting it :) Anyways, Jeff was upstairs laying by Gray, trying to get him to sleep. When Jeff came down later he said Gray was singing himself to sleep.
What was he singing!? Justin Bieber haha.
"Baby, baby, baby oh....never, never, never be apart."
Love it!

I had a crazy dream the other night where a man was trying to pick the lock on our front door. Actually, he did get the lock open and I yelled for the kids to run out the back. Oh yeah, the intruder had a gun! It was pretty crazy. The next morning I told the kids a little bit about my dream and came up with a plan of what to do if a bad guy does break in while we're home. Then I asked Leah and Davis if they ever have dreams they can remember and Davis said he did. When I asked him what his dream was about he said "people falling in love" :) What a cutie!

Jeff's mom Cindy told my kids yesterday that she'd pay them $1 for every book they would read, or have me read to them, in the next month. Davis was all over this and today we read 10!
He's going to be rich :)


Elizabeth said...

Cute video! What smart (and cute) kids you have :) I'm impressed with their Article of Faith skills! And Whitney is so BIG! She doesn't look like a little newborn anymore!

And maybe you should be the one getting paid for all those books you are reading your kids! haha... Or maybe Davis and Gray should give you a cut of their money :)

Autumn said...

I like the way you think Liz ;)

Ruth said...

Autumn, I LOVE your kids! And Whitney is a doll. She's such a mover.