Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Just a day, just an ordinary day"

-Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton

I'm a spaz-and-a-half. I try to be responsible but really, it's harder than it looks haha. Here's the plan: to go the The Old Mormon Fort (with some other families from our ward), Monday at 10am. Leah leaves for the bus at 8:30am so I figure I'll have plenty of time to get the younger kids ready and leave 9:15-9:30ish. Well, Leah is a major turd in the morning. She hasn't written a story for her homework and insists she doesn't know what to write. The assignment was for her to write FOUR SENTENCES! She's whining and crying and being completely obnoxious. She does this forever and then, when she finally decides I'm not going to her homework and tell her what to write, she whips out a cute, funny story in about 5 minutes. Really, a turd!

Anyways, that makes her late for the bus so I have to give her a ride to school. I'd be dropping her off at 9:10am so I figured it would be better for me to leave for our outing right after that instead of coming home and wasting 20 minutes. On the way down Davis asks if we can play in a playplace instead of waiting at The Fort. I agreed but really, what was I thinking!? This is DOWNTOWN Las Vegas mind you. Really, the ghetto. At the McDonalds there are all sorts of scary people. I have to get Grayson dressed since he was still in his PJs (what, I didn't mention that part?) and while I'm changing him I put my keys down on the floor- not in my purse. Of course as I'm shutting the door I realize I just locked the keys in the van!

I immediately start calling some of the moms I thought were coming to see if they could go to my house and get my spare. Yeah, you know, the spare that's SOMEWHERE in my disaster of a house! Jeff calls right then too and I tell him what happened. An employee at work might have been able to go the house and bring me the keys but it will be awhile. Not good. Luckily I was able to get a hold of Natalie as she was leaving her house and have her bring me my spare! Me trying to tell her where it might be was hilarious, "on the kitchen counter, under some papers...maybe under a box too...by the fruit bowl." Or something vague like that. I think I might have even told her to look on the floor! I really didn't know where it was at all. Even though everything kinda worked out, all I could think about the day was what a fiasco.

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