Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I spent Mother's Day this year driving 12 hours from Amber's house in Idaho to my house in Las Vegas, my trip odometer read 791.8 miles! Even though is was a long drive it was SUPER easy. Davis and Whitney are AMAZING travelers. It's just exhausting anyways. And I wanted to leave Amber's before lunch but she had JUST had her baby the night before so I couldn't pry myself away from him until 3 pm, putting me home at 2 am (because of the time change). It was worth it though. Such an awesome trip I'm lucky to have had!

When I got home Leah had made this for me:
Love her!
And this one too:
This one just totally made me laugh. They way we're calling each others names about to embrace, the way it shows her confidence in my missing her, it's all too cute!

To top it all off Jeff even bought me a couple of things. What does a mother of four really need? A membership to Costco!! LOL I wanted one since they seem to be getting more organic fruits and veggies and what not. I've never had one so this should be interesting :) AND a book called The Backyard Homestead. It has practical advice on how to arrange your vegetable garden, keep chickens for eggs, etc. I LOVE it!

Oh yeah, Jeff was an all-around great gift giver this year. He even delivered the flower bouquet to my mom when he picked Grayson up from her in Needles. Thank you again Meema, happy Mother's Day!


Kadee said...

Hey, Grayson's other Grandma helped out a lot too! She should get a shout out, I think! :)

Jennifer said...

How cute is that! I can't believe you were gone for 16 days, that's a long time! Glad you finally got to meet the baby! 10lbs. 9oz. go Amber! And great job Jeff on the Mother's Day gifts!
F.Y.I. My sister just had her baby.

Olivia Carter said...

HA! I love it- "I know you miss me" Kids are so funny!

i love love said...

the card is so funny and sweet..she seems to be a witty kid
- the health conscious chick