Monday, May 10, 2010

I have a new nephew!

Oh my heavens. I got back last night from a week long trip to Amber's that lasted 16 days haha. I'm happy to say she has a successful all-natural home delivery of a healthy boy on Saturday. He is a luscious 10lbs 9ozs and is quite adorable. This picture was taken a little while after delivery...she looks too good I say!
We had to wait and wait for him to make his appearance, 12 days after his due date! We filled our time with shopping, sudoku, watching our favorite movies Star Trek and The Jane Austen Book Club and I sewed some AWESOME curtains for Amber's front room. I didn't get a picture of them but you can kinda see them in the background of this one, they're orange:Davis and Whitney came with me. They were great! They stayed pretty low maintence so I could help out around the house. Everyone was in the room when the baby was born and the boys were hilarious. They acted like babies are born everyday, it's no big deal :)
And once the baby was ready to be held Cash LOVED holding him. He's going to be a great big-brother/helper.
Sterling is an all-around goofball so he said the funniest stuff. After the delivery he was getting pretty bored and tired. He chose to fight sleep by running in the room, saying something and running out. The two things I remember him saying were, "I KNEW I was going to have a baby brother" and "I LOVE my baby brother". So cute!
He was born on Grayson's birthday, May 8th! Love that!!


Autumn Wilkins said...

oooohhhh...tell me more! Was this her first home delivery? How did she do know, details! Like what room did she use, did she hire a midwife, how long was she in labor, etc? This is all very exciting for me. I've thought about a home delivery but since it's my first time I'm thinking I might feel more safe at the hospital. But then I have had a very healthy pregnancy so far, so I'm kinda torn on the decision.

TEN pounds NINE ounces!! My goodness! Is she wonderwoman?! ;)

Also, let me not forget...Congratulations!!

Jana said...
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Jana said...

I just deleted my comment because I was outraged that a doctor would let her go that long, but then I actually paid attention and saw it was a home birth. What a brave woman!! Congratulations to all of you!

Rami Rachel said...

Sounds awesome Autumn!

Autumn said...

Autumn, it's her third delivery, second home birth. I'll have to message you the answers to your other questions because it'd be a novel :)

Jana, most doctors will let you go two weeks over but when given the option of induction most women take it haha.