Saturday, October 23, 2010

May, June Book List

The Host by Stephenie Meyer
This was a re-read. I just love this story :)

Passionate Marriage by Dr. David Schnarch
Such a great book. I don't really know how to describe it and I don't know if any of my friends would appreciate it as much as I did.

Princess for Hire by Lindsey Leavitt
Cute YA novel. It's about a young girl who makes a wish and then a magic agency contacts her. She has "magic potential" so they want to hire her as a substitute princess. It's the first of three so the ending definitely leaves you open for more. It's kinda typical junior high with the lead character talking about the mean girls at school and boys she wants to date. I started reading it to Leah but then decided to wait awhile, maybe until the others come out. I was definitely well-written so I'm excited to read more.

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen
Good book, not that great but definitely good. I don't think I really loved any of the characters so the climax fell a little flat. I did like that the main character decides to stand up for the endangered owl population. I'm all crunchy like that haha.

Holes by Louis Sachar
Such a great book!! Saw the movie a long time ago and loved it. Turns out the author of the book wrote the screenplay for the movie so it follows it exactly. Stanley Yelnats is just a great, likable character. One of my favorite YA books ever.

Forest Born by Shannon Hale
I think Rin's story was sweet and I liked the way Hale wrote it. Overall a good book.

Food Not Lawns by Heather C. Flores
This book appeals to my mega-crunchy side. It's take a very extreme approach to environmentalism but really, it would be fun to live off-the-grid, reusing everything, generating little to no trash. I checked it out from the library because it had a section on permaculture and since we're hoping to landscape our backyard soon I wanted to learn some things.

Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham
This book isn't a typical novel. I can't really describe how it's written but it was a really entertaining read. The main character is a young girl who gets her arm bitten off by a shark. She was an artist so the loss of her arm pretty much changes her entire future. You get to read some of her thoughts, e-mails, notes and dialogue from phone calls. It was definitely different but captivating.


Christie said...

Thanks for the book ideas! I had read The Goose Girl, but had forgotten there were others. Picked them up from the library today! And I found Food Not Lawns at the library in a neighboring town, so I'll try to make it out there soon. I recently went on a binge of reading books like The Omnivore's Dilemia, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, See You in a Hundred Years, Better Off...stuff like that. I do Square Foot Gardening in the backyard (even though we're just renters) and love to think about all the possibilites, even if I may heartily disagree with the political agenda of some of these books.

Stacy said...

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E-mail me so I can get you intouch with the lady.