Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday's Whatever

When I want to post something completely random I'm going to do it on Wednesdays. Yes, on Wednesdays I'm going to post whatever I want, hence "Wednesday's Whatever".

  • Jeff and I got iPhones. I have one because I want one, not because I need one. I will probably never use it to it's full capacity.
  • My kids are completely addicted to the iPhone game app Angry Birds. I used it this morning as motivation for the kids to clean up. They did an awesome job!
  • I'm completely addicted to Angry Birds. Don't look at my laundry pile.
  • Out of the blue my kids will talk about it. Yesterday at the kitchen table, when he wasn't playing, Grayson said, "I like to kill pigs." Today Davis and his friend Drew were playing their real-life pretend-play version of it on the trampoline with balls. The balls were the birds.
  • Davis is a genius at strategy. He was watching me play over my shoulder and told me, "If there's a pig that doesn't die easily I try to kill that one first." I thought Jeff had taught him that but he swears he didn't. I thought that was pretty smart.
  • Grayson is too funny. He'd played on another mom's iPhone in the gymnastics waiting room one time so the first thing he said when he saw mine is ask, "Does that phone have a game?".

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